Puppy love

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Impossible, this can't be happening. Sky, whom I'v known my whole life along with Kahleb, has been keeping this from me. My love who I thought was human is now suddenly a fucking monster and not to mention I had to play connect the fucking dots to get an answer that blew my fucking head off. It all made sense. What if he hadn't heard me scream when I was dreaming about the crash... what if I didn't even scream. This explained his strength but I mean really. Is this even true? I tried to brake the silence but I was lost of words. "You are the closest thing to sanity. Your make me feel alive you make me feel comfortable... you make me feel normal and I love you because you love me for who I am... I hope." I could barely hear his words but they were clear...crystal clear. Maybe this whole time he was just afraid I would think of him differently. "I just...wish you would have told me sooner. I mean I still love you. I always will...but I just... wow um that's cool." He could see that I was struggling for words so he took a step closer and said "I understand it's a lot to take in but if you don't want us to be together can we still be friends? I know it will be hard if you don't want to date but having you as a friend is better than me losing you." I looked up at his eyes which returned to the beautiful grey. "You really gotta stop doing that," I said. Kahlebs face was confused but then he figured it out and smiled. "It all depends on my mood haha. Sorry if it scares you." I couldn't help but smile, it felt good to have things back to normal... or at least halfway normal. "So I guess it feels like I barely know you now ... how long have you been this way?" I was beyond curious to hear his answer. He stared at me carefully and took in a deep breath. "Um well I'm not sure if you're ready to hear this but... it's been passed down. I know it's sounds insane. There is an incredible world out there some that have things that exist in only fairy tales. I'm naturally a wolf. But the more I mature more wolf grows than humanity. Now you know why my dad is never home." If anything surprised me it was certainly this. "Holy fuck." Is all I managed to say. "I only change when there's a full moon and before you jump to conclusions about the fairytale that silver or what ever affects us that's wrong. You see nothing can kill me but eventually I just turn to a wolf and never change back. Also my emotions are like under a magnifying glass. So if I'm mad you should probably run, if I'm sad be prepared to see a tough guy cry," he paused while winking and then continued "and when I'm happy which I always will be if I'm with you than I forget about my problems because your heart solves them. Plus I get really hyper when I'm happy... Kind of like a cute little puppy." His face lit up, almost like it felt good to express his feelings." I'v been changing a lot though and... I'm ... getting scared." I could see true fear behind his strong beautiful features."I want to spend every possible moment with you. What if I change tonight and don't change back? I can't live with that... Not for the rest of eternity. I left yesterday because I don't want to fall in love. Yes it comes with beautiful memories but it also hands you pain...pain from the inside. And yesterday I realized it's not a choice. You can't force yourself to fall in love nor can you try to escape it. It is terrifyingly beautiful."His lips trembled as he spoke these words. I could see his eyes glisten with tears. I quickly rushed him into a hug absorbing his warmth. I imagined a lifetime being with him. No worries, no lies, just happiness. "You won't change back any time soon, I promise," I say only I wish I meant it. This all seemed so crazy. All this time I thought vampires and werewolves belonged in stories and here I was hugging one, dating one, loving one. I didn't care how dangerous it was, all that mattered was that I had my Kahleb and no one or nothing could take him.Not even his own kind.

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