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Lemon time 😆. Don't get mad at me I'm not the best at these but because the last one wasn't long this is going to be detailed 😆😭. Listen to the song 😏

As he licked the spot over and over, you trying desperately to keep your moans from escaping. "You like this?" Chuckled that demonic voice of his. "N-no.." You shuddered, no choice but to lay your head back and arch your neck. "Looks like you are (Y/N).." he whispers in your ear, pulling back the (H/C) behind it. him now straddling your hips you felt his "little friend" against your thigh.
"Please stop soni- I-i mean EXE!!" You shouted out, afraid he would hurt you. "Don't worry, you corrected yourself. I won't kill you for it" his evil smirk, growing wider. He pulled your arms above your head, holding them down with one hand. You being so shocked you couldn't move. "aww I don't think you will need this anymore" his red orbs shining bright as ever as he took his glove off and started ripping your (FC/S) off. "STOP PLEASE!" You begged as he just smiled. "Your screams are very enjoyable, I guess I will have to punish you now and then.." His eyes making contact with yours. You closed your eyes tight, waiting..

You opened your eyes as your ( FC/P ) off, exposing your underwear. "You smell so good (Y/N). I could just eat you! Wait, I'm already going to." He smirked evilly with loud laughter. You shook and shivered after those words escaped. He ripped your panties off, you screamed pulling your legs up crossing them, moving away from him. "Get over here!" He yelled in a demonic voice. He grabbed your legs roughly pulling them apart. "NOO STOP!!" He used powers to hold your arms down. He held your legs apart, you still screaming and crying. His Long slimy tongue came out and licked your rose bud. You shivered at the touch, surprisingly you didn't know but small moans were escaping.

"You taste so good.." he said licking one last time. You were shivering, nervous about what was coming next. He stood up, demanding you to get on your knees. "Get over her right now!" He grabbed you off the bed, you struggling. "You can't have all the fun.." He smirked dropping his boxers exposing his 10 inch length. You gulped looking up with pleading eyes. You were too afraid to move away. He grabbed the back of your head and moved you toward it. "Open your mouth." You reluctantly opened your mouth taking some in. ".. That feels so good." he snapped his head back. After a few minutes he pulled your head off of his length. "No for some real fun.." You silently yelped "help.." As you scooted across the floor, he came closer and closer. Your back was against the wall, he picked you up so you were pushed up on the wall aggressively. "P-please I beg of you sonic this isn't you.." He slammed his lips into yours. "Don't say that name ever again." You had tears streaming down your face, you felt his razor like teeth against your neck biting hard. "Ow! Ow ow!" You screeched. He let go. "Now.. Let's.." Before he could finish his face changed he let go of you holding his head... he then fell to the floor yelping. ""STOP MORTAL!!" As you went to get a better look he...

Gonna stop here! Make you suspicious 😂 anyways I hope you guys are enjoying this, with school and other things going on its hard to write! Also comment, vote! It would make a girl happy 💙

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