i'm sorry

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mild warning: sad ending
! tw: su!cide/death, hurtful words, mentions of cuts !

"are you sure you're going to be okay...?" alex asked y/n worryingly clutching their hand along with his while they were lying in bed looking drowsy and weak. ever since he got together with them last year, y/n has been getting a lot of hate from his fans, although he never realized how much damage it was gonna cause them.

they would receive dm's nonstop from fans getting called slurs, names like 'a wh*re' or 'useless', people would tell them that they were not good enough for him, and most of all death threats. they're were even times when alex notices little cuts around their arms leading to make him think that the cat scratched y/n by accident. anything that caused y/n to feel or look unwell made him extremely worried that something awful might happen if he wasn't around to take care of them.

y/n got up from bed and murmured, "i'm gonna be fine alex. you don't have to worry about me." "but you haven't been feeling too good and i don't want you being home alone for a long time. i'm afraid that you might get even more sick or maybe something worse than that." he spoke convincingly unfortunately having to leave y/n today for a week because they didn't want to go along to meet up with a couple of his cc friends.

"i promise you love. you don't have to get all worked up on me anymore when you're around with friends. go on and have fun without me, i really don't want to disturb your time alone with them." y/n stated being straightforward.

alex then hugs y/n as tight as he can feeling even more anxious about leaving them behind. "i love you hermoso/a. if there's anything that's troubling you, please do call me." he whispered. "i love you too." y/n responds faintly embracing him back. furthermore alex starts to kiss their warm but chapped lips lightly for a minute until it was time to part ways...

time skip to a couple of days later. things were going pretty normal at first since he was calling y/n to check on them if they were doing okay. until all of a sudden... on the third night, he tries call them as usual, but for some reason they didn't answer.

so he tries to call the second time.

no answer.

then the third time.

still no answer...

he starts to panic as he kept dialing their number a few more times still resulting to no response. after trying, he immediately packed up all of his stuff and quickly went up to one of his friends karl to tell him that he had to leave due to an emergency. thankfully he understood and let him go which caused half of their plans to be cancelled. alex approached to the car and began driving hoping that he'll get to his residence fast.

(timeskip) alex arrived home taking him only an hour to get there. he hastily unlocks his door and begins searching every room around the house. y/n was nowhere to be found, leaving him one more room to check. as alex rushed to the bathroom entrance, he noticed that the door was completely shut causing him feel even more scared.

"hey, are you in there? say something!" alex clamored banging on the door hoping he would at least hear their voice. "listen, i'm gonna come in there just to see if your doing okay, that's all," he shouted opening the door. when alex entered the room, he saw a sight that would forever haunt him. "y/n...?" he whispered standing there, completely frozen with widened eyes. alex didn't know what to even do at this point as he sees y/n's pale and skinny body lying flat facing down on the cold, tiled floor along with pills scattered around.

he gets down on his knees holding them. "come on wake up. stop fucking around with me y/n. can't you at least do something? please speak to me." alex pleads while gently shaking them to wake up, but they were unresponsive. not a single breath came out of them. "YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE ME ALONE. THERE'S STILL SO MUCH WE HAVEN'T DONE TOGETHER. JUST STAY WITH ME LONGER PLEASE?" he yelled out on the verge of tears refusing to believe that y/n is deceased.

"i love you so much y/n. please stay with me forever. i'm so sorry. i could've cancelled my plans just to take care of you more but i didn't. i don't want you to go. please..." he pleads once more as sobs began to wrack his body while repeatedly saying 'i'm sorry.' alex cradled them while crying for as long as he could until he can fully understand now that the love of his life is gone.

gone forever.

a/n: ok so this story already got over 600+ reads quick 0_0... thank you so much for reading! i really do appreciate it <3 be on the look out for more updates coming soon :)

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