it hurts pt.1

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! tw: verbal harassment/cyberbullying, mentions of death !

"hello chat! how is everybody doing? i've been pretty well, i hope you all are doing good also! so today we're gonna just have a chill q/a stream while i play some minecraft survival." alex greets his chat happily beginning the stream. "let me read chat now and look for some questions to respond to kill time." he tells chat beginning to scroll through messages.

"you lazy ass, how about you get a real job instead of wasting your life playing mc?"

"what happened to you? you're better than this. all you do is play minecraft nowadays. do another raid c*nt."

"this stupid ass is gonna be playing that dumb kids game again, geez i'm leaving."

as alex reads through chat, he notices that they were acting very differently than usual as he sees these odd but hateful comments. "um chat, i don't know why some of you guys are acting like that. if you don't like what i'm doing today, then just go ahead and leave. i don't care." he clarifies to the chat setting up his game. "alright, let's get this started. ask me something interesting chat." alex requested beginning to play the game.

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"fuck you, all you do now is minecraft content. i'm unsubbing."

"i- ok then. does it look like i give a shit anonymous? not all of my content has to do with minecraft. even though i'm on the dsmp a lot, that doesn't mean i'm becoming a mc content creator." alex responds to the dono harshly.

"ok chat, ask me any questions that don't involve with the dream smp or minecraft please." he politely asked chat. alex scanned through chat trying to ignore insulting messages until he finally found a question he can answer which asked him how can he handle twitch streaming and making videos for his youtube channel at the same time. as he was responding to the question, another dono pops up.

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"quackity what the hell happened to you and your content? it just gets worse every time you upload. also chat be spitting mad facts here."

"what do you mean by mad facts?" alex questioned the dono. he finishes answering the question so he can start reading chat again. he finds out again that chat's been spamming rude comments to him the whole time for apparently no reason which was so weird.

"chat, what is up with you guys today? are you guys fucking with me or something?" alex questions still trying to focus on both the game and the chat.

"you look so big, did you gain weight again fatty?"

"at this point just quit you whole career. your channel is gonna die down in the near future anyway."

"why don't you just stop twitch streaming forever and never come back again?"

alex begins to grow concerned and said "what the fuck... am i dreaming or something? what is wrong with you guys? why are you typing these cruel comments? i don't get it." as he keeps his eyes on chat, even more vile comments appear in the chat along with some calling him racial slurs.

the stream has only been going on for 25 minutes and quackity is already getting bashed on by his viewers, what did he even do to make chat to act like this? (nothing obviously...) 

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"alex. your content and you in general doesn't feel the same anymore. what happened to you? i miss the old you. this will be my last dono ever to you and hopefully i'll never get to see you around my recommendations again. goodbye."

when alex saw that dono, he rebuked angrily, "chat... what is going on? i never seen you guys react like this. so what if i changed into a whole completely different person? i'm still quackity except i'm happier about the content i make because it expresses me, not other people. like i said, if you don't love the shit i make now, shut the fuck up about it and just stop watching me. it's that simple chat yet you guys keep complaining. i'm getting sick of it seriously."

comments worsened more after he informed them. more slurs and now appeared death threats are everywhere in the chat.

"are you that dumb? we're trying to tell you that your content isn't good anymore. all you do now is attract 12 year old girls by playing a kids game."

"get the fuck out of here. your recent videos and streams have been sucking ass lately."

"quackity go fucking k*ll yourself on strean right now."

the comments won't stop. they just wouldn't...

"why? why are you guys treating me like this? i don't understand. i'm not even doing anything wrong, why is chat acting so cruel to me?" he queried. chat was just stressing him out more than trying to make him feel loved and supported like they did in his past streams.

he immediately exits his game of minecraft and responds to chat again feeling defeated, "ok fine. you all won ok? i'm sorry if you guys didn't enjoy today's stream. all i wanted to do is to just relax and play this stupid kids game and for no reason, i receive all of this hate. i can't take it. i can't handle it anymore." his eyes begin to water causing tears to drip down to his desk. alex looked through chat hoping that they would understand, but sadly it was the opposite.

"awwww gonna cry? get fucking used to it. it's the internet, people can say whatever the fuck they want."

"i think you should go to sleep forever, if you understand what i mean you pinguid  little boy."

"how about you shut the fuck up? you're the one that caused yourself to be like this because you stream like that. it's tiring asf..."

after reading more comments, alex abruptly ends stream without saying goodbye. he weeped harder than before, little sobs were trying to escape through him but he quickly covered his mouth with the both of his hands because he didn't want to wake his whole family up while they were asleep.

thoughts start to rush through his mind. "should i just quit youtube and twitch streaming forever? should i just disappear from the media without anyone knowing? nobody even cares about me anymore. what am i suppose to do with myself now?"

he felt useless at this point. what can he do now after his fans came after him like that? who knows...

author's note: two chapters in one week? poggers. i'll have part 2 coming soon because i didn't want this chapter to be too long for you guys but i promise that this will have a happy ending. i hope y'all enjoyed this so far, have a good day/night <3

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