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mild warning: rejection, heartbreak

alex's pov
today is the day. the day that i finally confess my love to y/n so that i can hopefully fulfill a long and happy life with them forever and ever! going on a ton of dates with them, hugs and kisses from them, cuddling in bed with them, getting married, growing old together; i couldn't wait for all of these to happen!

i first quickly got out of bed to take a warm shower, making sure i looked and smelled clean for y/n. next, i got dressed into my white long sleeved button down shirt along with my other clothing essentials including my cap. i looked so hot not gonna lie.

finally, i grabbed a bouquet of white roses from the vase standing near my desk that i bought yesterday since i found out from niki (nihachu) that those were their favorite kind of flowers.

i checked my phone for the time span, it was time. my only opportunity to confess to them. i walked out of the door prepared to go to the park feeling confident yet nervous, luckily it was only a 5 minute walk there and not an hour drive. as i was near, i saw a familiar figure. it was them.

my heart began to pound so fast as i got closer seeing y/n sitting on the park bench exactly where i told them to meet me. god they're presence is such a gorgeous sight to see. as i got even closer, i started to shout out their name to notice me.

now's my chance...

y/n's pov
"Y/N!!!" i heard a loud but familiar voice. when i turned my head around, i see alex walking straight towards me carrying a pretty bouquet of white roses. what are those suppose to be for and why? also why is he all dressed up fancy looking for? it looked off but i'm vibing with it.

"hey alex!" i stood up to greeted him.

"h-hello y/n." alex replied back nervously.

"so alex quackity, what's up? why did you text me to meet up at the park? and what's with the bouquet hm?" i questioned him teasingly. "well y/n, first of all these are for you." alex gently responds back as he hands me the flowers with both hands.

"oh my god thank you alex!" i thanked him with my face filled up with joy as i grabbed the flowers out of his hands. this seemed suspicious. he's usually not this nice to me. "that's so sweet of you to do, but why? you never gift me nice stuff like this." i questioned him again jokingly thinking that he might've bonked his head onto something and made him to a different person at this point.

"well because, uhm. fuck. how do i say this?" alex softly muttered with a deep voice as i noticed his face looked a bit red. "yes?" i acknowledged seeing him take a deep breath.

"y/n... i give you all my kindness because i am deeply in love with you. i can't do anything without you by my side, i owe you all the love in my heart, to me you are the most caring person in the world to me. to love you is my heart's greatest desire and to make you mine forever is my beautiful wishes. y/n, i love you so much. i'm hoping that you feel the same way for me." alex avows to me.

my eyes started to widen and my hands begin to shake while gripping the flowers tightly after hearing that. i thought to myself, "is that what he really thinks about me? why and how? nobody has ever confessed to me like this before. i just see him as my best friend. i really don't want to hurt his feelings. how am i suppose to tell him though? how can i tell alex without making him mad or sad after? oh god help me."

i'm definitely going to fuck this up sadly.

alex's pov
"so... what do you think?" i asked y/n. looking at their expression, it didn't look good. my heart thumped even more now, i started to sweat nervously along with my hands trembling slowly. how are they gonna respond? are they gonna feel embarrassed or upset after? are they gonna make fun of me for the rest of my life now? i was positivity hoping that they feel the same about me but it didn't seem like they were.

"alex... i'm so sorry, i don't feel the same for you." y/n responds to my confession.

i knew it.

"i know we have been best friends for almost 3 years now, but i just don't think we would be fit for each other in a relationship. i still want to hang out with you along with our other friends and i still want to be very supportive of you throughout your life and career. please don't be mad, i'm very sorry." y/n added.

"oh no. i'm not mad y/n, it was your decision to make. i didn't want to force you to say yes or anything like that because i obviously know it's gonna make you uncomfortable. i just wanted to spill it all out just to get it over with, b-but don't worry i'm glad we can still be best friends at least." i replied softly as my eyes began to well up tears.

it was hard but i had to accept it.

"alex... are you okay? alex??" i hear y/n ask me sounding worried. "yeah, y-yeah i'm fine i have to go and finish editing a video. you can keep the flowers if you want, i'll see you tomorrow." my voice cracked a bit as i left y/n so i can jog home, teardrops began to form but i had to quickly wiped them with my sleeves so i could see where i'm going.

"ALEX! HEY, WAIT A SECOND!" i hear y/n yell while they were chasing straight after me. "ALEX PLEASE STOP, I'M SORRY!" they shouted trying to get my attention. as i got close to the doorway of my house, i felt their hand grabbing onto my shoulder signaling me to stop. and i did.

y/n's pov
"alex, please turn around straightforwardly at me." i requested to him as i grasped his shoulder. when he turned towards me, i saw his face grew red with tears coming down from his eyes. i knew i was going to hurt his feelings.

"i'm sorry y/n. i'm so sorry, i don't know why i'm even reacting like this." alex whimpered trying to rub all of his teardrops off of his face. i responded to him feebly, "hey, it's okay. it's fine to act like this especially after what i did to you and i feel extremely bad, but i had to be honest or you would've felt even more worse."

"yeah, true." he replied still cleansing his face from crying. "um, would you like to come inside and relax for a bit?" alex asked quavery. "sure, just for a few minutes though." i insisted myself. he then opens the door to his residence and guides me to his bedroom, surprisingly looking neat and cozy.

"d-do you mind?" he offered me to lie down for a little. "you have my consent alex." i answered wanting to make it up to him. i laid down next to alex letting his head set onto my chest hugging me closely as more tears sink down to his rosy cheeks while i stroked his hair trying to put him in ease.

now i understand what it feel likes to be rejected by someone you love deeply and it's definitely not something good to go through. hopefully someday he'll find somebody else way better than me that can give him all of the happiness he deserves.

author's note: okay i actually cried while making this, i feel so bad creating this now. anyway sorry if this was kind of long, i didn't expect for it to be this long and i apologize for the long update, school took a toll on me but now that i have the week off, i can do more chapters! hope y'all enjoyed, have a good day/night <3

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