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The sun had barely risen when George awoke, propped up on the couch, in almost the same as when he fell asleep. The only difference was that Dream was turned towards him, laid on George's leg, and his legs was brought to his chest.

It was adorable.

For a moment, until as George went to stretch his arms, he brushed against Dream's forehead.

It was on fire.

I knew he shouldn't have been out that long without a proper coat. George huffed, as he leaned back against the couch.

Dream stirred, his eyes fluttering halfway open. He murmured something in displeasure, pressing his hands against his head. George brushed his hand against Dream's hair, very lightly petting his head.

"I think you have a fever.." He said softly. As a response, a cough wracked through Dream's body, causing him to press his hands into his face harder and attempt to curl tighter.

George continued to stroke Dream's hair.

"I'll need to get some things." George said softly.

Dream nodded in response, and allowed him to get up. A few minutes later he returned with a few moments later, thermometer, ibuprofen (he had convinced to Dream ro replaced the expired bottle located in his room a few weeks earlier), and a cup of tea.

For once he was glad Dream kept an assortment of things he never touched across the house. He placed the tea on the table, and handed the thermometer to Dream.

A minute later the thermometer beeped and flashed, showing the number 102.6.

"As I suspected. Now sit up and have some tea and medicine." Dream slowly sat up, taking the tea with a slightly shaking hand, and taking the pill with ease. He then proceeded to flop dramatically back down onto the couch.

"I'm dying and you look so disappointed." Dream managed to crack a small smile, looking at George with his hazy eyes.

"You're under my care for the day, through your own fault, so deal with it." George harrumphed.

"While you're semi-conscious we should move to your bedroom. It'll be more comfortable that way." Dream groaned at the prospect of moving more, but eventually made his way, with guidance form George, to his bedroom.

He flipped onto the bed, and managed to fall asleep moments later. George logged onto Dream's computer and began to do his own school work that he had been meaning to catch up on.

After a few hours of this, he switched over to minecraft. Before he knew it, it was already twelve.

"Time for lunch." He said, stretching the chair. Dream stirred slightly behind him.

He made two sandwiches quickly, as most of the ingredients inside of Dream's fridge looked questionable at best.

After returning to the room with a half eaten sandwich, placing the one not eaten on the bedside table, he made his way back over to the desk.

He spun around in the chair so he was able to see Dream as he slowly reached over and grabbed the sandwich, quickly devouring it and flopping back onto the bed.

"This sucks." Dream says somewhat raspily.

"It's your own fault, staying out in the snow so long." George laughed and got up to grab the empty plate.

"I was spending time with you~" Dream said drowsily, before grabbing Georges waist and dragging him into the bed.

"Hey- no- I don't want to get sick Dream!" George protested, but Dream laid his head on George's shoulder and it was all over.

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