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Storm in Paradise

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Chapter 21

Friday had come. Which meant after the Capitol Report they would hold Percy's dance.

Maxon stood in front of the mirror as he began prepping what he would be saying in front of the nation with Percy there. He couldn't tell if Percy was nervous or not, but no matter what Maxon knew that he would make a splash on national television.

"I am thinking Green," Percy said walking back from Maxon's walk-in-closet holding up two green ties, "They match my eyes," He said widening his eyes as he held them up against his face to show Maxon how they matched.

"Yes, that would be one way to sweep the ladies of Ilea by storm," Maxon was already sure that Percy would be top of conversation at the end of the night without saying a thing. Percy looked intently at the two ties and then tossed one aside.

"How do you have so many ties? I swear there where fifty patterns of the same color green in there," Percy said beginning to tie his tie around his neck, Maxon shrugged.

"I don't know, I wear them every day so I need lots of ties. Plus, since I don't care for bowties everyone just buys me neckties."

"Bowties are cool," Percy said softly. Maxon looked over at him and saw the familiar sadness pass over his face. She must have said that a lot, Maxon thought. Percy shook his head, "So," he said brighter, "what am I going to have to do on television? Swing in on a wrecking ball?" He asked laughing. Maxon frowned at him.

"Why would you do that?" Maxon asked puzzled. Percy shrugged.

"No reason," Percy said chuckling.

"Um, well they will probably ask us what we have been doing and then talk about the girls," Maxon said, "Just act like Lord Perseus of Gryffindor. Where did you come up with that name anyway?"

"Gryffindor? Oh see it's a very famous house where I come from," Percy explained.

"Why? Who lives in it?"

"Oh not that kind of house, its- you know what never mind," Percy laughed. Maxon wondered what other house he could have meant. "By the way," Percy said, "Remember how America got me out of the hospital wing?"

"Yes," Maxon nodded, "Were you able to take care of that like we discussed yesterday?"

"Yep!" Percy grinned, "I used my mist, and it is a kind of magic, to make them forget I was there. So hopefully there won't be any problems with that."

"Perfect," Maxon said, "No one should be the wiser."

Maxon looked into the mirror at the two of them. Percy wore a gray suit and shirt with the tie that matched his eyes. His friend reached into his pocket and clipped the gem stone tie pin to his tie. Maxon wore a darker gray suit with a light blue tie. He had to say, they both looked smashing.

"So, who do you like best?" Maxon asked changing the subject.

"What?" Percy asked messing with his tie.

"Out of the girls," Maxon asked. Percy let out a sigh.

"Man, I knew this was coming," Percy complained.

"I want your opinion," Maxon said. Percy rolled his eyes into the mirror.

"You want me to choose who is going to be your wife!"

"And? Who do you think?" Maxon pressed on, Percy let out an exasperated sigh.

"America obviously," Percy said, "Dude, she is perfect, she is gorgeous and smart and she did save my life." Maxon knew that he was right. "You better sweep her up, because there will be a line of guys waiting to pick her up."

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