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Jeongin yawned as his phone went off. Squinting he looked at the number with no caller I.D. Sighing he answered the call.

"Hello is this Yang Jeongin?"

"Yes this is him." Jeongin mumbled in his morning voice.

"Ah, I was just calling to inform you that you received the job. You start today I'll send you the adresss."

Jeongin replied with a small yes waiting a few moments before his eyes widened in realization. "A-ah yes I'll be there." He quickly said before the caller on the other line hyung. Panic struck him, he wasn't ready to start today he wasn't even expecting to receive a call much less get the job. Quickly he sprung out of bed and searched through his closet for clothes. He grabbed a green shirt and black skinny jeans quickly changing. He tucked in his shirt as he but on his belt rushingly.

He grabbed his backpack stuffing his phone charger into his backpack along with his pills.

He grabbed his phone and ran out of his room and to the door, putting on his shoes before grabbing his car keys. He locked his apartment door before heading out of the complex.

Once in his car he checked his phone putting in the address they had sent to him. The drive was about 20 minutes and wasn't too far from his own apartment. These houses where much more expensive and way out of his range. He came to a stop outside large house gulping as he stepped out of the car. He opened his phone and checked the message again.

The address ******* *** apartment number ***. Please be on time by 8:00. Other information will be providrd at your destination.

Taking a breath he turned off his phone and shoved it in his pocket before grabbing his backpack and heading toward the house. He nervously he took a breath before gently giving two knocks on the door and waiting. A few seconds later he could hear footsteps on the otherside approaching the door. The door opened revealing a light haired Burnette with a cat like smile. "You must be Jeongin. I'm Lee Minho." The male introduced with a smile. Jeongin smiled back and gave a small bow.

"Come in." He said as he moved aside, Jeongin entered quickly taking off his shoes before following the male inside. "Are you..?" Jeongin asked as they walked into the living area. "Oh no no, Hyunjin's working he's to busy to concern himself with this kind of stuff." Minho said as he turned and gave Jeongin a smile.

"Taehyun should be down in a minute." He said before taking a seat on the couch Jeongin following in suite.

"Uncle MinMin I'm dressed." A voice yelled as a small boy rushed into the room with a smile. Minho smiled and turned to look at the boy. "Taehyun this is your new babysitter, Mr. Yang." Minho introduced.

"Oh, I prefer just Jeongin." The white haired omega said with a shy smile. "I don't want a babysitter, I want a mommy." The boy said with a pout as he looked at Minho who gave a smile. "You have to ask you Appa for that. Now make sure to be good for Jeongin, okay Tae." Minho said as he ruffled the small boys hair. "There's a paper on the fridge if you need anything just call." Minho said as he gave one last smile at Jeongin before heading back toward the door.

"Your pretty." Taehyun commented as he stared at Jeongin who blinked before a light blush formed on his face. "And your quite the charmer." Jeongin said with a small laugh as he smiled at the boy. "Have you eaten yet?" Jeongin asked as he looked at Taehyun who shook his head. "No uncle MinMin is bad at cooking and the maids haven't came yet. Come on I'll show you the kitchen Hyung ." Taehyun said with a smile as he grabbed Jeongin's hand leading him to the kitchen.

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