Chapter 13 ~ Rowland Lee Payne

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“We found one,” Niall spoke quietly into the phone, Louis smiling. Niall and Liam were at the adoption agency. Louis was at home, watching his babies in their highchairs throwing their food around and half eating it, half getting it in their hair. Louis officially had 10 weeks to go of his pregnancy but was expecting the babies in his belly any week.

“Is it a boy or girl?” He asked, glaring at Gabriel who was going to just throw his whole plate on the floor. Once the 8 month old caught Louis’ look he slowly set the plate back down and glared back, to show Louis that, yes, he can glare too.

“It’s a boy,” Niall said a little louder. “We just left the room. His mother died during childbirth, I guess it was a high risk pregnancy in the first place. Uh, Lou, he’s perfect,” Niall said, sounding breathless and Louis chuckled, standing up when Gabriel threw the plate on the floor, crossing his chunky arms together.

Louis flicked the boys hand and set the phone down for a moment. “What did I say about throwing?” He asked the baby who just turned his head away in the ‘if i can’t see you, you can’t see me’ fashion and Louis turned his chin back with a finger. “I said not to do that, didn’t I?” He asked and Gabriels bottom lip trembled, knowing he did a nono and knowing that daddy was mad made his little heart break.

Louis didn’t give the child sympathy, he needed to learn, but picked up the plate and put it into the sink. There was no food on it, thank god, and he sat back down, picking the phone back up. Niall was silent, waiting for Louis to voice that he was back.

Saraqael looked absolutely devastated that Gabriel was sad and reached from his seat to pat at the others mini table. Gabriel looked at him, wiped at his face, and patted the baby’s hand. Once Saraqael knew he was okay he went back to shoving his ravioli into his mouth, chewing with it wide open.

“You guys going to adopt him for sure?” He asked, knowing that Niall and Liam had been searching for a long time now. Had the baby room in their home done and just waiting.

“We’re filling the papers now, Lou, i’m ganna let you go,” Niall hung up without giving Louis time to say goodbye but the angel took it in stride and smiled at his baby boys.

“Uncle Ni-,” before he could finish the two babies that could make noise screamed ‘Ni’ over again. Saraqael just waved his arms all over, throwing food that was stuck to his fingers at his brothers. They loved the blonde man and just couldn’t get enough of him. “-Is going to have a baby,” Louis told them, pointing to his own belly to show them that Niall was going to have one of what’s in him. Their lips parted like they understood and they looked at each other. They dismissed the thought a moment later and started eating again.

Harry walked into the kitchen, a smile on his face. He had taken a shower then got on his laptop to search up baby names. “I think I found the perfect names,” Harry said as he sat down. The triplets watched their daddy while shoving their mouths full, picking up their sippy cups to drink every once in a while.

“And what are those?” Louis asked, rubbing a hand over his belly as one of the twins kicked out. “Going to have to give the three a bath,” Louis added a second later.

“Well, I was thinking Aylen for a girl ((A like A in the alphabet and Len as in Lynn)) and Lanx for a boy,” Harry finished and Louis leaned back in his seat. Saraqael was looking close to done with his food and Michael fell asleep suddenly in his seat. Gabriel was going strong still, fat little boy.

“I actually like those,” Louis said with a nod. “That means I got the middle names, right?” He asked, pushing himself from his seat to pick Michael up, patting the childs bum to wake him up. Once he was alert Louis sat him down on the floor and the messy baby took of, crawling, to Harry. He was standing up and holding stuff now but Gabriel was the closest to walking, already standing on his own. Saraqael was next and he just waited for Louis to pay attention to him again. Gabriel was last and he hit Louis cheek at being taken away from the mess he created. Louis slapped his hand lightly and scolded him about hitting and the baby was in tears again.

“I think he’s trying to guilt trip you, where did he learn that?” Harry asked and Louis turned to the man with narrowed eyes.
“I have no clue,” he said and walked to the sink. He undressed the baby, washed him up, and set him naked on the floor. He did that with all three and Harry took them to get changed while Louis cleaned their high chair and floor mess.

There was a knock on the door a few hours later, the triplets down for a nap, and Louis answered it, eyes going wide as Niall and Liam stood there, a carseat in Liam’s hand. “Oh my god, come in,” He said moving back as much as he could.

“We got him. I’m suprised on how fast they let this happen,” Niall said and Louis nodded in agreement. This was the fasted adoption known to man.

“Oh shit, you got him?” Harry asked when the three walked into the living room. Louis had briefed him on what was going on so he knew about the baby.

“What did you name him?” Louis asked, already moving around Liam to see the sleeping baby boy. He was fair skinned and his hair was light and thin. It might be blonde but Louis wasn’t sure.

“Uh, Rowland Lee Payne,” Niall answered, smiling. Louis looked up at the two daddies and stood up, hugging them both.

“You guys got a baby!” He gushed, trying to be quiet as to not wake any tiny child in the home. Niall had red rimmed eyes and raw lips. He must have cried with the news of having a baby, finally. Liam just looked like a proud daddy, talking with Harry about what they learned about little Rowland already.

Louis held the tiny boy, cooed at him when he woke up hungry. The visited, Liam and Niall, for a few but left when the triplets woke up. Louis and Harry hung out with their sons, allowing Zayn over to play with the babies also. They were all fed dinner and at bedtime Louis gushed to Harry about how cute Niall and Liam’s baby was and how he wished their twins would hurry up and come.

What Louis didn’t expect was to be woken up in the middle of the night with pains in his middle. He knew the pains, knew them as if they happened yesterday. “Harry. Harry wake up!” Louis pushed at the angels back, sudden wetness flooding between his legs onto the bed under him.

“Whatsit?” Harry asked and Louis slapped the man in the side of the head as hard as he could.

“My water broke you asshole oh my god Harry,” Louis pushed himself from the wet bed so he was standing up. “Shit Harry, owe,” Louis bent a little as the quick contractions hit him back to back, spreading from front, down, up, and to his back.

Harry was out of the bed in a moment, around it and checking on Louis to make sure that it was really happening. Once he stepped in the wet puddle on the floor he knew it was serious. “I’ll call Niall and Liam to come watch the babies, you go to the car,” Harry said and moved to grab his cell phone from the bedside table.

Louis did as he was told, grabbing their hospital bag, painfully waddling his way through the house. A rather large contraction hit just as he got out of the door and he stumbled, falling forward.

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