"Where am I?" (edited)

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"Hi" : Kurama Speaking /Pov/Other Stuff
"Hi" :Naruto talking to Kurama or thinking

A week later after the straw hats rescued Naruto (Naruto is still not awake yet)

The straw hats were doing what they usually do Nami sun tans, Sanji is pestering Nami, Robin was reading her book at the table, Zoro is training with his swords, Chopper usual is laying besides Zoro to get the cool air but he is changing Naruto's bandages, making medicine to help heal the wounds faster, and to make his fever go down, Usopp is making new attacks for his sling shot, and Luffy is asking Sanji to make him meat which he said no to.

No Pov

Chopper was making medicine before he changed naruto's bandages.

Naruto's Pov

A blinding light went on my eye lids that made me open up my eyes. I sat up. When I looked I wasn't in the hospital or on the dirt floor of konaha. I also had a major headache.

"Where am I?"

Chopper Pov

While I was him the medicine to make his fever go down I suddenly heard a small voice. I turned around and saw the little boy sitting up on the bed. I could see he was in pain.

"Your on our ship we found you in the sea badly hurt. Now you should lay back down you should save your strength." I said.

I said then turned back to making the medicine for the boy fever. After I was done making the medicine to help the boy's fever and wounds I turn to the boy and put the medicine for his wounds on his wounds and gave him a pill with a glass of water.

"Drink it, it will make your pain ease." I said

He hesitantly drank it. I then started to take off his dirty bandages which he watched every move and put on started to put on new bandages on him.

"My name's Tony Tony Chopper but you can call me Chopper. I'm the doctor of this ship. So what is your name?" I asked as I continued to wrap his bandages again.

He was quite for a while so I decided to look up. He was shocked and so I asked him another question.

"Anything wrong?" I asked.

"N-No just nobody's every asked that nicely anyway my name is Naruto." Naruto said.

"That's a beautiful name but do you have any last name?" I asked.

"It's just Naruto now..." He muttered loud enough so I could hear

"Oh okay." I said as I finished bandaging.

"Well the crews been waiting for you." I said.

"T-the crew?" He questioned.

"Yeah come on let's go but take it slow ok?" I asked


Sorry about the bad ending I didn't know what to put as the ending. Anyway I hope you liked the chapter and I will hope you liked it and I might post tomorrow if I don't then I will post an update to let you know anyway peace ✌️. Pic is not mine.

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