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CHAPTER 27 Nine Days of Moving

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copyright 2015 Chris Smith  All rights reserved.

Another moving day. How fun. Today was the last day we had to legally remove everything and anything of ours out of the A-Frame. It was our seventh consecutive moving day, and the ninth day of total moving days.

Dad called Bill, the property rep, that morning and found out Bill had lost Dad's number. Bill was planning on coming over with one guy, which was going to be huge in helping us finish the move on Parcel A. It would be better to move the large pieces of furniture with more than just my Parents and I. We needed strong men who could handle the weight.

At about 11 a.m. my Parents made their final official trip over to the A-Frame to get the last of what was inside. Bill had already shown up so they all went straight to work.

Dad told them upfront, before they started moving, that we only had forty dollars U.S. to spend. Forty dollars would give us about an hour of work. They agreed. Bill also told my Dad that if he needed more help, Bill was willing to come over again with some people to help us move more stuff, and that Dad could pay them in a few weeks.

"Really?" asked Dad.

"Yeah, I'm not worried about you paying me," said Bill.

Dad was shocked. Here were total strangers coming to our aid, willing to help us with their brawn and sweat, and they trusted us to pay them. It was amazing.

Dad, together with Bill, and Bill's friend moved all the heavy furniture from the A-Frame to the porch of the Glass House. Bill's sister who had come along as well, helped my Mom with all the little things scattered in the back two bedrooms.

Bill's sister looked and me and smiled and said, "So much stuff."

Ain't it the truth! It was a lot of stuff. It was really more stuff than was manageable. It was more stuff than either one of my Parents needed or used or should have had.

I had come down about 11:30 a.m. and started working with Mom and Bill's sister. They were making sure all the important stuff was moved to the front room of the A-Frame. They were working in the two bedrooms downstairs that had been my Dad's old office, old guest room, and storage room.

It took a little over an hour for my Dad, Bill, and Bill's friend to get the big pieces of furniture moved. They had loaded up the trailer together, taken the stuff over, unloaded it and came back.

We could have used them all day but we didn't have enough money for it. So we had to do with the money we had and the help we got. Dad paid them, told them we really appreciated their help, and they were on their way.

The three of us were finally down to it. The last moment in the A-Frame. My Parents had lived here for over a decade. I'd lived with them a few of those years. There were years of memories covering the walls. We'd had our two dogs, and one kitty, all now deceased that had lived in the house. We'd had numerous holiday meals, and wonderful visits with loved ones. I'd loved a few while I had lived in the house. Loved a few and mended a few broken hearts too.

And just like that it was time to be done with the house and all its memories.

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