Chapter 17

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After the boys leave for their concert prep I'm alone with Brooke. She's trying to be funny but it's not working or helping me. "Maybe we can send something else out on Twitter!" she suggests. "No." I reply snuggling back into my corner of the couch.
About an hour later Brooke screams from the living room "MEL, MEL COME HERE!!"
I slump over to the living room and she flashes her phone in my face.
"HE WAS SPOTTED MEL HE WAS!!" she screams happily. I raise my eyebrows and grab the phone. Some fan took a picture of him walking next to a man. I looked at the location.
"Oh my god Brooke! That's almost a half an hour away."
Brooke frowned.
"Do you want your boyfriend back or not!?"
"YES!!!" I said rushing to the door, grabbing my jacket. "Come on Brooke hurry it up in there."
I twirl in the hallway. This could be it. This could be me getting my boyfriend back!

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