"It wasn't a bust," I disagreed. "I told you that. I had fun."

Up until the very end, when I had a massive panic attack. But that came with the territory.

As we rounded the block for group therapy, I heard a rumble in the sky and looked up to see the dark clouds forming together.

"Just in time," McKenna said, flashing me a smile. "Now we won't get struck by lightning."

"The Earth is struck by lightning on an average of about a hundred lightning bolts per second," I stated, looking up at the sky again. "The odds of getting struck by lightning anywhere at any given moment in the US are about 1 in 700,000."

McKenna stared at me, tilting her head to the side.

"And the odds of getting struck in your lifetime are about 1 in 3,000," I added.

"Why do you know that?"

I just shrugged.

Why do I know half the shit that I do?

I opened the door for her before following McKenna inside, the two of us officially being the first people to group therapy today.


Travis was setting up the back table when we walked in, but he enthusiastically waved at us, abandoning his work to join us in the circle.

I don't know why, but I was a lot more jumpy than I usually was. Probably because I pushed my anxiety limits by holding McKenna's hand for a majority of the walk here.

Instead of sitting in my normal seat next to McKenna, I sat one seat over, shooting her an apologetic smile.

She shot me a confused look.

"I just need a few minutes," I explained, my left leg bouncing up and down.

She nodded, still eyeing me for a moment before disappearing to get some coffee.

Leaving me alone with Travis.

Fuck my life.

"We missed you last week," Travis informed me. "How is everything going?"

I should've expected this. This is therapy after all.

You do have to talk about shit you don't want to.

"It's fine," I said, rubbing my hands down my thighs and resting them on my knees. "Parker's accident sort of threw me through a loop, but he's doing okay now."

"What was it like for you when you heard about the accident?" Travis asked me, his voice full of sincerity.

It wasn't that usual cheery, bubble gum shit that he usually fed to everyone.

"Awful," I admitted, looking over my shoulder to see if McKenna had come back yet.

She was still in the other room.

"I had this mental breakdown the entire ride to the hospital and I didn't do too good of a job holding it together while we waited."

"How's Parker doing?"

"I wasn't anything life-threatening," I declined. "Just some internal injuries and a shoulder thing. But he has surgery tomorrow and then he'll be out of the hospital in a day or two."

"So when you heard Parker had been in an accident, did that bring you back to your parents?"

I nodded. "I couldn't help but think that Parker was going to end up dead just like them. And then I'd really have nobody left."

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