Chapter 7

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Dani's POV
It's time to put my plan into action.

Louis POV
I'm so happy I'm with Mia now, she lights up my life. Ugh here comes Dani, Imma go leave now. " Louis where do you think you're going?" Damnit.

Dani's POV
" So Louis, you and Mia finally together huh?" " Yea of course we love each other" " I'm sure you do, well can I just say I'm pretty sure I just saw her snogging Harry's face off in his room." " What!! That douchebag is fricken dead!!" " Wait Louis, since she's snogging him, I'm pretty sure you can do the same thing. With me." With that I pounced on him and smashed my lips on his. Slowly I dragged my leg up his trousers and hoisted myself in his arms.

Mia's POV
I was sitting in my room but I could hear moaning from the lounge and it sounded really strange. " It must be Liam and Dani" I thought. I went to check it out and there in front of me was Dani and Louis sucking each other's faces practically making babies on the couch!!
" Louis! I can't believe you" He jumped away from Dani. " No no it's not what you think honest." " Save it Louis, Liam!!!" I yelled. He came pounding down the stairs with nothing but track suits on and can I just say hot damnnn.
" What's going on Mia?" " Oh nothing just the fact that Louis and Dani were practically making babies on the couch!" Liam looked at me with the same expression I had. " Dani can we talk. Alone." They walked out leaving Louis and I alone.
" Louis, I though you really loved and cared for me, but obviously I was wrong. Two days we went out, two days!! And you go and do this?? I honestly can't believe it."
" Mia it honestly isn't what you think. She came onto me, she pounced and me and smashed her lips on mine. I didn't know what to do so I stood there then she made it look like I was kissing her too!!! Honestly Mia, that's what happened!!"
I sighed in annoyance. " Ok Louis, you've got two strikes left. Lose them and we're done.
I stalked off leaving Louis to sulk by himself. This evening has certainly been eventful.

Liam's POV
I don't know what to believe, Dani just told me Louis came onto her but Mia just told me the exact opposite. There's something fishy going on and I'm going to find out what.
Hey guys!! So sorry I haven't been updating for a while, but hopefully I'll be back on track with this story. 300+ reads?? That's just unreal thank you all so much.
~ Alex

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