Chapter 8

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Jenn and Iggy sat on her couch a few days later, watching TV.

Well it was more of Iggy listening and Jenn telling Iggy what was going on. She was surprisingly amazing at describing things.

"You should be a writer," Iggy told her during a commercial.

"I can't," she joked, "I'm an artist." She handed him a bucket of popcorn and sat back down.

Before he stuck his hand in the bowl, however, a thought struck him. "I have no clue what you look like."

"You're one of the lucky ones," Jenn laughed.

"No. Seriously," he sat the popcorn down on the coffee table and turned to face her. "Describe yourself to me. Let me see you."

"Oh- I ah..." Jenn started.

"And be optimistic about it. You make jokes about your looks as often as I make blind jokes."

"Alright... Do you want me to just tell you... or?"

Iggy held out his hands and she placed them on her cheeks.

"Okay so... I uh... well I'm white." she chuckled nervously. A smile pulled on Iggy's lips and it calmed her down a bit. "I've got a bit of a round face," she guided his index finger along her face and jawline. "I have dark brown hair," she placed his hands on top of her hair and let him run his fingers through her hair, getting a feel for the length. "My eyebrows match my hair so... I mean that's a plus." He ran his thumbs over her eyebrows. "Let's see... I've got a nose."

"I would hope so," Iggy laughed, gently tweaking her nose.

She giggled and continued. "And I've got a mouth that I don't think I ever know how to shut."

He slowly ran his index finger across her lips, feeling the pink in them as she talked.

"A-And I've- I've got blue eyes..."

She brought his fingertips up to her closed eyelids.

Iggy felt something glowing within him and he couldn't figure out what was going on. He felt this growing urge to kiss her; to run his fingers through her hair; to feel her soft warm cheeks.

Immediately he shot it all down. Why would she want to kiss him?

He would probably miss anyway.

But she sure smelled great.

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