Chapter Twenty Nine

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I slowly forgave Phil, it was the middle of July when I forgave him fully. It was around midnight, Dan was surprisingly asleep. I had gotten up to get my favorite snack: popcorn and Nutella. I started this eating habit when I was around 12, that's also around when I started getting Existentialism. It sucks.

Normally, it starts with a simple question like: why am I doing [a] instead of [b]? Then, ten minutes later I'm curled up in a ball under something wondering why I existed.

I don't know what made Phil try to find me, maybe he needed something from Dan's room and saw I wasn't there, or maybe he heard the microwave going off. But he came in whisper-yelling my name.

"Gwen?" He said walking in, "Are you in here?"

I didn't feel like moving. He found me clutching onto the door of a cabinet, which he had run into.

"Gwen?" He asked softly, "Are you okay?"

I didn't answer, I really didn't feel like existing.

"Should I get Dan?" He asked.

I peered up for a second, then got back into my cabinet-clutching mode.

"I'll take that as a yes."

He rushed off to Dan's room.

A few minutes later Dan trudged in. Phil stalked at the door.

"Gwendolyn?" Dan yawned sitting in front of me and kissing my forehead, "What's wrong?"

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