Chapter 6.

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When other little girls wanted to be ballet dancers I kind of wanted to be a vampire.


"I should go back there and rip their heads off" Louis heard Harry say. He immediately turned to him, "Uh, no, you shouldn't" he said shakily. Harry shook his head, "You don't know what they were thinking about" Harry said angrily. "And you do?" Louis said staring at him. 

Harry was silent for a second before answering, "It's not hard to guess". Louis just rolled his eyes and looked away. "Can you talk about something else? Distract me from going back there". Louis looked around for what to say when he realized Harry had no seat belt on. 

"You should put on your seat belt," he said dumbly. Harry laughed like he was mocking him, "you should put your seat belt on" Harry said looking at him and smirking before looking back to the road. 

Louis felt his face heat up at the smirk and turned to look at the window. He didn't understand why he felt this way, but he knew it felt right. "So, why were you out so late at night? it's dangerous for little boys like you", Louis heard.  He scoffed and gave Harry an offended look, "I am not little. Besides, we're the same age". Harry just laughed and shook his head. "You didn't answer my question". 

Louis looked at the bag on the floor, feeling excited to look through it tonight. "I was at the book store buying a book," Louis said looking back towards Harry. Harry smiled, "and what kind of book did you get?" Harry questioned. Louis tilted his head at his question, something about how he asked it was strange.

 Almost like he knew already.

 Louis shook his head erasing his thoughts, he's been thinking too much as it is.

"Um, just some book on languages" Louis mentally rolled his eyes at the answer, not even he would believe that. Harry let out a hum but left it at that. "Where am I taking you?" Harry asked. Louis told him the restaurant's name and the rest of the ride was spent in silence.  


20 minutes later Harry parked in the restaurant's parking lot and Louis let out a breath. How Harry got his license and kept it is beyond him, that was terrifying. Harry opened Louis' door and he blinked at how got there so fast. He didn't question it though, feeling too tired, and just got out. 

They were walking up to the doors when Jess and Angela came out. They saw Louis and hurried their pace. "Hey guys, I'm so sorry-" Louis started but was cut off by Angela. "Where were you? We left you messages" she said worryingly. "Yeah, we waited but we got hungry," Jess said giving Louis a guilty look. He felt bad making them wait.

Harry cut in to answer for Louis, knowing he felt overwhelmed. "I'm sorry I kept Louis from dinner. We bumped into each other and just got to talking" he said giving them a charming smile. Both Jess and Angela instantly started smiling. Louis saw through the act and gave Harry a look, looking away when he winked at him. 

"No! it's totally ok. We understand, that happens right?" Jess said cheerfully. They both looked at Harry and Louis a few times before saying they had to go. Harry started to walk ahead of Louis, Louis looked back to see  Angela and Jess smiling at him and giggling. Louis just flushed red and hurried to catch up with Harry.

Harry had a smile on his face when Louis walked up next to him. "What?" he asked seeing the look on Harry's face. Harry just shook his head opening the door for Louis to walk through. 

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