Chapter 2

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"What is your favorite song?" you asked and I rested my head on your lap as we both look at the bright blue sky. Not worrying about tomorrow because we both have each other.

I lift my hand and you touched it as we both try to reach for the sky, wishing for this moment to last forever.

I can't help but smile on the second I saw our own wedding rings on our fingers.

"I don't know," I chuckle.

I couldn't think of a perfect song because it seems as though every song was meant for you. For us. Maybe that's how it really is when you're in love.

"Really. . . what is it?" you, then, brushed my hair using your fingertips.

"Lips of an angel," I answered.

You looked at me with your pair of deep-set forest green eyes. Its emotion was fathoms deep and I am drowning with no plans of getting back up. I was all in for it.

But it was all until I learned about her.

A tear escapes my left eye. My throat was hurting from the unfamiliar lump and all I could do is whimper in pain. Crying and begging for the pain to stop.

I used to love that song until I became the girl from the next room.

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