Ch. 8

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Harmony's p.o.v|

I spent all of last night crying. I think that's what I am gonna do today too.
I get interrupted by my phone ringing.
Now is not the time...

Phone conversation:

"I'm not in the mood to talk."

"Wow, nice greeting." Ashton says to me.

"I'm sorry." I start sobbing again.

"Why are you crying?"

"M-my parents..." I couldn't even finish my sentence.

"Harmony, what happened?!" He asks.

"My dad died last night, Ashton! And my mom is in stable condition." I spit it out.

"What?" He sounds as if he's seen a ghost.

"I just, I can't talk right now."

"I understand. If you need anyone, come by."

"Okay," I cried.

End of conversation~


I go to the 5SOS' house, crying on my way there. I just couldn't stop crying. I couldn't control it anymore.

When I get to into the house. I run into the arms of the first person I see. Ashton rocks me back and forth.

"It's okay," he soothes me.

I cry into his chest. The boys try to calm me down.

"I need to see him."

"Who, Harmony?" Ash asked.

"Luke. Please, I just need him right now." I pleaded.

"He's in his room" Calum answers.

"Thank you." I hug him.

I go upstairs to Luke's room. I try to open it but it's locked.

"Luke, can I please come in?" I asked.

"Please I really need you right now."

But there was no answer. I slide down the door and start sobbing.

"I have no one else but you." I whispered.


"I'm gonna go home." I told the boys.

"Okay, do you want us to come with you?" Michael asked.

"No, I think it's best if I'm alone right now." I frowned.

"Okay," he sighs.

I walk out to my car and drive home. Only this time no one was there. No parents to greet, no one to share my day with, and hardly a place to even call home anymore.

I go to my room and lay in my bed.

Luke's p.o.v|

"Hey guys."

"Wow man, don't even talk to me. You're such a dick." Calum said.

"What did I do?" I ask confused

"One word, Harmony" Ash replies.

"What about her?"

"You totally ditched her man. You let her cry outside your room." Calum says to me.

"Oh man," I frowned.

"You need to go see her, something really bad happened, Luke."


"Harmony's dad passed away" Calum said.

"What?!" I grab my jacket and I'm out the door.

Please just let me in the house, Harmony. I get to her house. I walk up on the porch and look under the doormat. Yes, they keep an extra key there. That's how I manage to get in all the time.

"Harmony, are you home?" I called.

I see her sitting on the couch balling her eyes out.

Harmony's p.o.v|

I look up to see Luke. I don't care about this stupid fight we're in anymore, I just need him right now.

"Luke." He comes over and hugs me tightly.

"Oh my gosh, I thought I lost you," I cried.

"Never in a million years" he said.

He picks me up from the sofa. He sits down with me in his lap instead. I cry softly into his shoulder.

"Shhh." He tries to calm me down.

"I-I.." I try to get out.

"You don't need to say anything, Harmony. The fight is over and done with. I called Sydney before and we're over. I found out what kind of person she really is. I don't want that. I know now that you were just trying to protect me and the boys."

"I love you so much. I love all of you so much." I was still crying uncontrollably. I was wrapped up in his arms.

He let me cry until I couldn't anymore.

"Let's get you to bed" he says.

He lifts me up and carries me up to my bedroom. He places me in my bed and lays down next to me. He wraps one of his arms around me, pulling me into his chest.

"Thank you," I whisper tiredly.

"For what?"

"Everything." I place my hand on his.

I slowly fall to sleep.

(Luke and Harmony make me want to cry, oh my god! I love their friendship. What do you think will happen next? Comment your thoughts.)

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