chapter two - bunny

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They've been at it for all of five minutes, and Y/N swears she'll pass out if Suna keeps teasing her with a mix of rough kisses and playful swipes at her nipple piercings. He notices the way her knees try to touch one another and he shakes his head, forcing her thighs back down to the mattress with a bruising grip.

"Come on," she hisses as he ghosts two fingers along the lace waistband of her panties. It's a contrast to his other hand toying with her pebbled nipples, prodding and pinching at the barbells every so often. And it all drives her insane with need. "Fuck, do something."

He quickly pinches the flesh of her inner thigh, making her yelp. If he weren't so goddamn pretty, she would kick him without hesitation. "What happened to our manners?"

"Do something, please," she rasps, straining under his hold. Her eyes dart to the way his biceps flex every time his arms move.

He chuckles, soothing the tender spot with the caress of his thumb. "Aren't I doing something right now, though? I could just tie you up and leave you here until later."

Y/N repeats her plea, forcefully this time. Her entire body is getting sticky with the amount of heat she's radiating, sweat condensing around the dips of her collarbones.

"'Please' who?" he demands, letting go of her legs when he's sure she won't move anymore. She doesn't understand how he can exercise so much self-control because his blown-out pupils tell her he only has one thing on his mind.

"Please... Daddy," she whispers. She reaches a hand out to touch his chest, tempted by how well-sculpted he is, but he swats her away. "I... I..."

"'I-I-I' what?" he mocks, looking up at her through thick, long eyelashes. She gazes longingly into the sage galaxies that are his eyes—damn, he's beautiful. The last remnants of the alcohol in her system make her incredibly impatient.

"Need you."

Suna gives her what she assumes is a genuine smile, judging by the way the outer corners of his eyes crinkle up. "I don't think I'd ever get tired of hearing you say that." He strokes her cheek with his fingers, brushing away the stray strands of hair that frame her face. Her chest heaves with her labored breathing, and he watches in amusement.

"Are you afraid of breaking me?" she tests, making him pull away.

He sits back on his haunches, now looking down at her, spread out for him. "Yes."

Y/N shakes her head in defiance. "I can handle it."

He laughs. "Maybe next time, princess. Have to ease you into it first."

She huffs, crossing her arms so that her chest is covered. The diamonds on her tennis bracelet dance under the moonbeams pouring in through his bedroom window. "You act like we have all the time in the world."

Suna shrugs, rubbing circles absentmindedly along her thighs. Her focus is on the tent in his black pants. In her state, she'll stop at nothing to get it. She thinks it'd be the same if she were sober, too. "Well, if things go my way, we could."

Y/N turns her head away, hoping he'll mistake the warmth on her cheeks as alcohol flush. "Don't act like this isn't anything more than sex. Just fuck me already."

He changes in an instant, and is back on top of her, locking her wrists above her head. "Keep them there. Now what did I say about that fucking attitude?"

She gulps—but it's strained as his hand clasps around her neck, squeezing her jugular but allowing her to breathe. Fuck, he knows how to do it right.

"Open up," he growls.

Defiantly, Y/N shakes her head, earning her a disappointed click of his tongue.

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