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jessiohh asked:
Hi lulu! First of all..I love you!! Ok so my bf went to a party the other night and did some stuff with a girl. He cheated on me and he says he still loves me, but idk. He hurt me so much. What should I do!?!? Ughhhhh ur queen btw ily

lovablelulu: He may love you, but I recommend taking a break. Tell him you need a break and look at your options. You can always get back together, but just try it. There is ALWAYS another option. That goes for all of you lovelies, stay beautiful :-) and ily2 babe, ur queen not me

*luke goes by lulu on tumblr hahaha, can u imagine him doing something like this in his spare time im dead. This is just an example of the advice he gives, people will ask him sexual questions too lololol*

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