"Hey Guys I See Something!

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This chapter takes place after Luffy defeats Crocodile and Robin joins the crew.
"Hi" :Kurama speaking/Pov
"Hi" :Naruto speaking to Kurama through his mind or thinking.
One week later after Naruto gets thrown into the ocean

No Pov

It was a sunny day and the Straw Hat Pirates were just bored because they had nothing to do until Luffy a ravin haired boy with a straw hat spotted something.

"Guys I see something!" "It looks like a person!" Luffy said.

Now this made the crew look over and they saw a orange looking blob that looked a person.

"I'll get it." Said Zoro who had three swords on his right side, white shirt, and green pants.

Zoro then jumped into the sea and then what he saw was horrible. It was a little boy that had wounds everywhere and it seemed that some of bones where close to sticking out. He quickly grabbed the boy gently and swam back to the ship.

"Guys throw down the ladder now!" Zoro said

"Ok ok but why the rush?" Nami said.

"JUST HURRY UP!" Zoro yelled.

"O-ok." Nami shuttered.

"DON'T YELL AT NAMI-SAN!" Sanji yelled.

"SHUT UP ERO COOK!" Zoro yelled as Zoro started to climb up the ladder.

"DON-." Sanji quickly shut up and stood there eyes wide when Zoro fully climbwd up as he saw Naruto and dropped his cigarette.

The whole crew where in shock and anger and when they got out of shock Chopper's doctor instincts kicked in.

"Zoro place him on the bed inside I will follow."

Zoro quickly did so but gently and left so Chopper could fix him up.

Chopper Pov

"Ugh what am I going to do this kid is severely injured. Chopper calm down you can do this ok first check what he has. He has 5 broken ribs, his whole left arm is broken, both of his legs are broken, he has bruises and cuts everywhere, he also has deep wounds and words cut on his skin, and he also has a bad fever, Eek! Ok Chopper calm down again. Ok I'm going to need to operate on him, this is going to take a while." Chopper thought.
A Day's Timeskip
After the operation and stitching

"Alright all done now I need to bandage him. "

He then he bandaged him.

" Ok all done now I will let him rest and get myself some food."

No Pov

Chopper then went outside and went into the kitchen to see the crew eating quietly. Chopper than saw down and asked Sanji who had a blue shirt with dark blue striped, black suit with golden buttons, a blue tie, black pants, and black shoes if he can have some food. Once he got his food he also sat there and ate quietly with the crew. The silence was then broken when Luffy had asked a question to Chopper.

"So Chopper how is he?" Luffy said.

Chopper then stood silent for a while then finale replied, "He's a lot better now than he was before."

"That's good but what did he have before?" Luffy said.

"He...had 5 broken ribs, his whole left arm is broken, both of his legs are broken, he had bruises and cuts everywhere on his body, he also had deep wounds, and he also has a bad fever. But now he's a lot better. Now we just have to wait for him to wake up." Chopper said as he started to eat again.

"Oh ok that's good that's he is better." Luffy said as he started to eat again as well.

Soon all the crew started to eat again but a little relieved than earlier.

Sorry I didn't post earlier I had to do something and it took a little long to make this so I hope you liked it. Also I will be posting tommorow peace ✌️. Pic is not mine got it on Google.

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