chapter 28

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they made it to the funeral home. Dylan was shocked. She touched the wall frame tearing up. Beth had Daryl's hand. It was like watching their daughter being taken to safety. She turned around to look at the couple and ran into their arms.

"Thank you.Thank you so much."

they smiled at each other. Everyday was a battle but moments like these made the battle worth the fight.

then it happened.

Beth pushed away and ran to the nearest bush.Daryl and Dylan ran after her. Dylan held her hair back as she puked.

Daryl was scared. Scared that this was the walker virus that was coarsing through her veins. How long has it been since she was taken? 1, 2 months? no she should be dead now wasnt that. He though about what could be making her feel this way. When he fould a logical answer he said her name in a questional way.


she looked at him tears feeling her eyes,.

"I'm pregnant."

the look in her eyes wasnt just sadness remorse filled her face. But behind her big blue eyes he could see it. Happiness.

A child. His child.

"Are you sure?"

"yeah I'm sure. Its pretty much idiot proof. You pee on a stick. "

She was irritated. He stood in shock for a couple of seconds.

"Say something. I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier I didn't want you to get mad and leave me. "

"Leave you. Leave you! Jesus Christ, Beth, I wouldn't leave you cause of this shit happens. We will figure this out together. "

That beautiful smile came across her face and he knew it'd be fine.

They heard laughing and it escorted them from them thoughts.

"Like a damn romance novel. "

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