Ch. 6

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Harmony's p.o.v|

It's the next morning. There's 15 missed messages from Luke and 5 missed calls. 6 missed messages from Cal and Michael. Then, 8 missed messages and a call from Ashton.
I don't reply to any one of them.

Dear Diary,

Life is tough right now. It's hard to stay away from them. They're my best friends and I have no one. I just hope this avoiding them thing works out.

"Harmony! I'm coming up!" Luke said.

Oh no. I think of the only rational thing to do. I lock myself in the bathroom.

"Harmony?" I hear Luke.

I hear a knock at the bathroom door.

"Leave me alone." I slide down the door, now sitting on the tile floor.

"I'm not going anywhere. What's going on with you?" He asks concerned.

"Just leave, Luke. I really need to be alone right now." I try my best as possible to avoid him.

"No, I'm waiting until you come out. If you don't I will just kick the door down." He says making me frown.

"You won't! Or else you're paying for it!" I replied.

"I don't care, Harmony. I will do what I have to do."

"Ugh," I groaned.

I open the bathroom door, already giving in. I have to tell him right now!

"Thank god" he said.

"We need to talk." I walk over to my bed.

"Okay?" He laughed.

"It's about Sydney."

"What about her?"

"She's using you, Luke." He looks at me like I'm crazy.

"What, are you insane?" He said in disbelief.

"Actually no I'm not. She is though."

"What are you can taking about, Harmony?"

"She threatened me. She threatened the boys. Are you really that blind? I yelled.

"I can't believe one word you're saying! Sydney was right about you!" Luke yelled back.

"What did she say?"

"She said you lie all the time!" Luke shouts.

"Oh my god, this is great! Don't you see what's she doing to us, Luke?!"

"No, I don't" he said.

"She's putting us against each other. She's making you believe that I'm no good, just to make herself look good! How long have you known me?!"

"That doesn't matter!" Luke said.

"So, all our years of trust and friendship are now down the drain?" I yelled.

"Pretty much!" He shouted.

"Wow, I knew this would happen! I knew you would turn on me because of this."

"I'm out of here!" Luke walks out.

"Good!" I throw my pillow at the bedroom door.


Phone conversation:

"Cal, can you come over?" I ask in tears.

"On my way" he said.

"Are the rest of the boys coming too?"

"Yes" he replied.


End of conversation~

I open the front door, to see the 3 boys I needed most. I run into Michael's arms and cry my eyes out.

"Oh my god, what happened?!" Michael asked.

"It's Luke, he hates me!" I sobbed.

"Why?" Calum asks.

"I told him about Sydney and he flipped out on me. He says I'm lying about."

"Harmony, please don't cry" Ash said.

I walk over to sit on the couch. The tears were still constantly streaming down my face. Calum sits down next to me. I lay my head on his shoulder. I lay my legs out on Ashton and Michael.

"There's something else..."

"What is it?" Calum strokes my long hair.

"She said she knew people and if i told Luke, they would hurt you guys."

"I wouldn't worry about that, babe" Cal said.

(Luke and Harmony's fight, omg! There's a bit of drama in this chapter, hope you enjoyed it!)

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