14 - Sick

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Luke (Age 6):

Today you were home sick for the day. You had been coughing and sneezing all day, laying in bed surrounded by your tissue fort. You had been dozing on and off for a while but now you just wanted someone to cuddle with.

"Luke," you called from your bedroom. He showed up in your doorway almost immediately, waiting to hear what you needed. He had been waiting on you hand and foot all day and you really appreciated it. "Will you cuddle with me, Lukey?" "Of course," he said, smiling at you. He helped you clear all the tissues off your bed and then slid in, pulling you closer to him. "Movie?" You nodded but started to whine when you felt him leave.

"What's wrong, Y/N?" You put up your hands and made grabby hands at him. He picked you up and you rested your head on his shoulder, relaxing against him. "Do you need me to take you somewhere?" You shook your head against him. "I'm just that good of a pillow?" You nodded and he laughed lightly.

You laid in your bed and you were asleep on Luke within minutes. He is one of the best pillows you've ever had.

Ashton (Age 8):

You had a line of really bad headaches in your family and sometimes, they made you throw up. You had some medicine at your school so you took some as soon as your head began to hurt. The nurse sent you back to class and you were trying your hardest to pay attention, you just couldn't.

It came time for recess but as soon as you stood up, you felt extremely nauseous. You told your teacher and she helped you to the nurse and the nurse called Ashton. He picked you up and you managed to make it home before emptying the contents of your stomach. Ashton kneeled beside you on the bathroom floor, holding your hair and rubbing your back.

Once you finished, Ashton carried you to your bed and gave you an ice pack for your head. He started to leave the room but you grabbed his hand and whimpered, "Stay." He shoved himself next to you in your twin size bed and you both took a nap. You felt much better after sleeping on your comfortable brother.

Michael (Age 3):

You had always been pretty clingy, especially when you were sick. You just came down with the flu and your fever was really high, 101.4 degrees. You also had a pretty bad cough. You refused to let go of Michael. Your mom couldn't even help take care of you, it had to be Michael.

You had just woken up from your nap and your mom was planning to get you some food before relaxing with you. She tried to pick you up but as soon as you realized it wasn't Michael, you began to scream and cry. She tried to console you, but nothing would except your big brother. Michael came into your room and took you from your mother, helping you calm down.

Michael fed you and then relaxed with you, wanting to avoid having you scream again. The next challenge was giving you a bath. You didn't want to leave your brother's arms. He managed to get you through it with minimal stress, keeping a hand on you at all times. He got you some clothes and then let you fall asleep on him, keeping you calm all night.

Calum (Age 5):

You caught strep throat a few days ago, most likely from one of the kids at your school. Your mom had picked up your medicine and today you were home with Calum. He was responsible for making sure you ate, took your medicine, and took a shower. You just ate dinner and next was the worst part of the night, medicine.

No matter how many times Calum counted you down, you couldn't get yourself to take it. "Come on, Y/N, you know you have to take this, babe." You whined at him because you couldn't really speak. Calum sighed and took the spoon from your hands, holding it up to your mouth. He tipped your head back and you finally took the medicine.

After your shower, you cuddled up in Calum's lap. He was relieved that everything on the list was checked off and that you guys still had some time to spend with each other. You decided to put on a movie and just cuddle with each other. Calum knew that you wouldn't be 5 and need him forever. You both cherished the time you had together, knowing that once tour started, nothing would be the same. Either way, you loved your brother and he loved you, too.

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