Chapter 3

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There was smoke high in the sky when I looked up. I knew that there was a small village close by and pointing my horse in that direction I made my way to it. Years ago when my father ruled he had made up a law that every girl and boy turning of age are to made to come to the castle for training. They had to either become a servant maid or a warrior and all that depended on their gender.

I have never been a real big fan of the law but I knew that our lively hood depended on young and capable men to help defend our land. They were still able to live a normal life and get married and have children and after they have reached a certain age and have fulfilled their duty they were each giving a piece of land and two horses and wood to build them a house. Then they could chose either they wanted to stay with the other soldiers and continued fighting or have a normal life and raise a family. The same went for the servants and maids.

There in the distance was two soldiers on their horses riding down towards the village to collect the girls and boys turning of age. I rode Stealth towards them and stopped when I got next to them.

"How many girls and boys are we getting from this village?" I asked the man on my right.

"Three boys and a girl, My Lord. Would you like to ride along with us to collect. It will be an honor"

"Yes I believe that I will."

As we rode down the hill I could see that people were starting to gather around the outside of their huts and cottages, if they could even call them that. When we got to the middle of the village where a small well was I looked around to see if I could spot the boys and the girl that we was here for.

"Step forward Jackson Anderson, Luke McDown, Michael Linkeson and McKenna Swan."

Looking around I seen one young man with brown hair step forward and soon the others followed. They boys, after hugging their parents and siblings came up and stood in front of us. But the girl never stepped forward. As the boys were collecting there thing and getting on their steeds I lend over to one of the soldiers. "Looks like we the little chit has chosen to hid. I will stay behind and get her and you may return with the boys and start getting them settled. I will be shortly behind you all"

After a nod from him I scanned the crowd and not spotting single lass that could be around her age I held up my hand so that silence took upon the entire village.

"Parents of McKenna Swan please make your appearance known in front of me!" I yelled with authority in my voice knowing good and well no one would even blink if I looked at them. I loved the power I had over these people but I didn't like how it was earned. But even so I could not change the past and right now I needed to earn their respect before I can be lineate on them so I can ensure that no one even thinks they can overrule my authority or take it for granted.

There was an older couple that had stepped forward and bowed their heads.

I got down off my horse and walked over to them. "Where is your daughter?"

They never looked up at me as the man spoke.

"My Lord please forgives her absence this morning. She has gone out with her bow to see if she get something for us to eat. She is quite good with a bow and arrow. She should be back later if you would grace us with your appearance in our home."

"I think that would be fine. But if she is not back within the hour I will go looking for her and we will not be coming here."

They looked up and the mother's eyes were wide with tears on the rims.

"I will get your horse My Lord. Wife please show him in and she will start a pot of tea."

Nodding my head I followed her into her small house and looked around. Everything was in place and just a little dust was on things. A fire was built in the fireplace and it was really cozy in here. He could see that this family loved each other and that is all he ever wanted. But growing up in royalty was not all that is was cracked out to be.

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