His Reaction To You Moaning His Name ~

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Just a heads up, I've made the boys dominating in this ~



'Niall' You say breathing in, lost in pleasure. He loves it. The desperation in your voice. He pushes into you harder.

'Oh my god' you gasp.

'Yeah, you like that baby? I'm going to fuck you so hard' He says harshly and kisses you roughly.


'Lou..is' You say stopping in between and catching your breath. He loves that you're so worked up, you can't utter his name in the moment. 'Yeah, baby?' He says moving with you. 'It feels so good Lou! Fuck!' You moan. 'Uh huh say my name baby, just like that' He smirks.


'Liam..' you moan digging your fingers into the back of his neck. 'Fuck' He says pushing into you.

He looks at you and gives you a long kiss.

It feels innocent for a moment, just a kiss. 'I love you' He says smiling.

You relax.

Suddenly, he pushes into you hard.

'Oh my god' You moan.

He loves it when he catches you off guard.


'Harry, I'm so close. Fuck' You say pulling the sheets.

He stops.

'Tell me what you want me to do' He says. He loves it when he's in control.

'I need you to fuck me Harry' You plead.

'Yeah, should I push like this?' He says slamming into you, loving the reaction he gets.


'Zayn' You moan overcome by pleasure.

Your fingers intertwined, with him on top, working with you in perfect rhythm.

'You like that?' He says biting your neck.

'Oh fuck yes' You say moving faster.

'Tell me how much you want it babe' He whispers in your ear.

'So fucking bad' You choke.

'That's a good girl' He whispers, kissing you.

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