His warm fingers traced my cheek before gripping my chin tightly and pushing it up to look into eyes. I looked into his melted chocolate eyes to find hatred flowing in them.

I felt his other hand grip my waist and push me to his chest. His warm fingers trailed into the edge of the hem of my t-shirt tracing small circles. I felt a sigh escape my mouth and felt my lids closing.

A warm minty breath blew into my face tingling my senses. "Such a beautiful brat." His words echoed into my mind and I was going to ask him what we meant until I felt something tickle near my ears.

I opened my eyes to find myself pushed into his chest as he touched my diamond jewels with his nose.

"I hate rich girls." He pulled himself away and walked away from me leaving me in the cold air.


"How are you, princesses?" I saw his jaw clench as I memorized his facial muscles.

"Cat got your tongue?" I connected my eyes with his light gray ones and saw a glint of playfulness.

"No, I was mesmerized by your disgusting face." I let out a snicker while his smile grew into a frown. I wish he knew how true those words were.

"So, you were mesmerized? You wouldn't be dating this pretty face then. " If he only knew that was not the reason I was dating him. He was the new "hawt" thing after coming back from Europe with his sparkly tan. He snickered before wrapping his hands around my waist.I wiggled in his arms feeling a little uncomfortable as he placed his head on my shoulders.

"You smell so good." He breathed into my ears.

I rolled my eyes before answering "it is the new perfume, darling."

He let out a chuckle before backing out and giving me a goofy smile.

"So, did you ask your father?" I looked at him with my eyebrows raised at him.

"About what?" He let out a laugh like it was funny.

"About the tickets to the VIP tickets for the Lakers game."

I let out a groan before walking away. He was just like every other guy I dated. I remember Nick asking me about the Laker tickets a few nights ago but I thought it was a joke. How foolish of me to think that?

Dating me for something.

I walked faster while hearing his cries behind me. I walked through the hallways until I was blocked by a brown haired boy.I touched his shoulder and he turned around pushing a box of candy in front of me. Unfortunately, the candy box hit the book in front of me and fell down to the ground.

"Do you want some candy? I am fundraising for the orphanage. " He deep voice echoed in my ears.

I looked up to see his face blocked by the candy box. I heard Nick's voice getting louder and in the midst of my anger, I shouted out "damn your candy and the poor."

I ran ahead trying to escape from that jerk of a boyfriend.

I heard a loud thud echoing as I ran to my next class.

Sadly, I looked back to connect eyes with the candy boy. His green eyes were filled with anger and sadness. I looked ahead so I would not have to look into those hateful eyes.

I entered my social science class to hear the school's "dumb" and "dumbo" aka my sidekicks yelling my name.

"Hey Janceeey!" A blonde haired girl and a brunette called out.

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