You told Jensen and Danneel what happened and they were afraid of it happening again, but you told them that you would never kill someone again. You agreed to see a therapist, a go to anger management etc. Then you went to get the mail and there was a blue letter, it was a court order. Your mom was going to sue Jensen and Danneel. She didn't want money, she just wanted you, but you didn't want to be with her.

At the courthouse, Jensen, Danneel and your mom all testified and you got mad.

The judge: Y/n, would you like to testify?
You: sure.
Your mom stepped down and you began answering the questions. You told everyone how your mom thought you were dead, how you were adopted three times and how they all ended in disaster and how you met JJ and how you almost died trying to get her back home and how Jensen and Danneel took you in and took care of you. You told everyone how you adapted to your new home, your new life. You went on how you, JJ, Thomas and shep have play dates and you watching the kids when Jensen and everyone went out.
After what the judge heard, he chose your mom to be your guardian.
JJ: big sister!
You: JJ!
JJ runs to you and you crouch down and she runs into your arms, you pick her up, she had her arms wrapped around your neck and she cried.
JJ: I don't want to you to go.
You: I don't wanna go either JJ.
Thomas and Shep ran up to you and they hugged your legs. You crouch down and you hug the boys.
Thomas: please don't go.
You: I don't want to go either guys.
Everyone saw how much you cared for Jj, Thomas and Shep.
JJ: If my big sister goes, then I go to!
Thomas: me too!
Shep: me too!
You saw how much they cared for you.
You: I promise to visit you guys everyday.
Your mom: Honey, we're going back to Dallas.
You: No.
Your mom: Honey we have too.
You: You took me away from my family! YOU DON'T DESERVE ME!!
You practically screamed that at your mom and she walks out of the court house in tears.
You then went to Jensen's and Danneel's and you begin packing all of your stuff. JJ stayed with you and she cried. She didn't want you to go.
JJ: I don't want you to go y/n.
You: I don't want to go either JJ, but my mom wants me to go with her.
You then give JJ your leather jacket.
You: I want you to have this Jj. It's my favourite leather jacket.
JJ takes your leather jacket and she hugs it tight. You then give her a big hug and she hugs you back really tight.
You: I'll always love you Jj.
JJ kept crying and she hugged you tight. She didn't want to let you go.
You walk downstairs, Jensen, Danneel, Jared, Gen, Thomas, Shep, and your mom were there.
JJ: please don't go with that meanie!
JJ points at your mom.
You: I'm sorry baby girl, I can't stay.
You look at your mom with angry eyes.
You: she doesn't want me to be with you or your amazing parents.
Thomas and Shep then run up to you and they hug you tight.
You: I'm going to miss you guys so much.
Thomas: please don't go!
This was breaking your heart. You put JJ down and you hug Jensen and you begin crying quietly into his chest, he hugs you tight and then you hug Danneel and she began crying.
You: I love you guys so much!
You then hug Jared and he hugs you tight.
You: I love you uncle Jared.
Jared: you may not be Jensen and Danneel's daughter, but you will always be a part of our family.
You smile at Jared, you then hug Gen and she began crying as well.
You then walk toward the door with your mom, you look at Jensen, Danneel, Jared, Gen, Jj, Thomas and Shep.
You: I love you guys so much. I'm going to miss you all so much.
You then crouch down, and you open your arms wide open, Jj, Thomas and shep run into your arms and you hug them all. They hug you tight.
You: You guys will always be in my heart.
You let the kids go and they let you go, you walk to your mom's car and you put your bag in the trunk and you look at your adopted family. You had a family who loved you, who took you in, cared for you. You wave to Jensen and everybody and they wave back, JJ was crying and you cried too.
You get in your mom's car and you both drive away, you look back and you stick your head out of the window.
Danneel: YOU'RE NOT A DOG!
You laugh.
You then stick your head back inside the car and you and your mom drive back to Dallas.
You stayed quiet.
Your mom: So, what do you like?
You: don't talk to me.
Your mom: y/n, I'm trying to protect you.
You: from what? Being happy? Having someone caring for me?
Your mom went quiet.
You: I hate you.
Your mom looked at you with sad eyes, you said it so harshly, mean and cold.
Your mom: I'm your mother and your going to show me some respect young lady.
You: drop dead.
Your mom pulls the car over and she slaps your cheek.
You: You bitch.
Your mom: You will show me some respect young lady.
You laugh.
Your mom: what's so funny?
You: if you don't show me respect, then I'm not going to show respect to you.

You and your mom continued on your drive back to Dallas.

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