Extra 1 - chapter 1

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Extra 1 - Even at 18, The day is still crazy without a change

"What?! what did you just say"

The wizards of the magician tower had their mouths opened and were doubting whether their ears were working properly or not. They couldn't comprehend what they just heard

However, the person who gave them such a shock was still laying down on the couch while enjoying his snacks.

"What, Are you all deaf? What will you do later if you are already at that age?"

Cry!(I believe this is supposed to be a sfx of some sorts but I am bad at translating those sadly)

As always, the wizards could feel anger rising from their body. But their opponent was Lucas. So, they held it in. They had to hold it in!

"Its not like that... I think we just heard you wrong. So could you please repeat it..."

Lucas clicked his tongue upon hearing the wizards cry out asking him to repeat it again. Then he spoke as if he was showing them mercy and repeating it again

"I am asking you what girls like."

At that moment, the eyes of the wizards began shaking

They thought they heard it wrong, but turns out they didn't! Did you hear that? Did you hear what he just said?

"Girls, What do girls like, so maybe Lucas..."

The wizards, who huddled together and asked Lucas about ancient magic, hesitated as if they had taken a rat poison by accident. Even if they didn't finish the sentence what they were thinking was obvious

"Are you in a relationship?"




Who? Our Lucas? The centuries old wizard of the black tower Lucas, is in a relationship?!

We couldn't believe it either!

"H-How, How, How could you ask us this...."

"Why, I can't ask you guys this?"

When one of the wizards asked while stuttering, Lucas responded back with a puzzled look. But soon enough, his expression changed and he said "ahhh" as if realising something

"Oh, well. How could anyone here know the answer? My bad"

As he said that, his face had a disgusting gaze of pity on it. Just as Lucas said, most wizards of the black tower were unmarried with a exception of few

In addition to that, among the unmarried people, the amount of people who were in love/dating were just as little

They belonged to the imperial family and had devoted themselves to using magic day and night, So wasn't that only natural? Even if they had free time to spare it became a daily routine to just stick their noses into a magic book and study formulas. Due to the nature of wizards, most of them were individualistic and self-righteous

As a result, it was impossible for them to be considered a good relationship partner by the opposite sex

However! They didn't want anyone to point that out, especially not Lucas!

"Well, whats wrong with that!"

"Yes, we aren't in a relationship with anyone, we aren't!"

"Because! We! Are married! To magic!"

"As you said!"

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