chapter 2

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dream pulled into the mcdonalds, he rolled down his window. a young lady started talking.

"hi! welcome back to mcdonalds what can u get for you today!" the lady said. she sounded a little too happy for 6 in the morning.

"hi, just give me a minute." dream said. "okay what does everyone want."

karl and quackity spoke in the back.

"okay me and alex want 4 sausage burritos and 2 medium caramel iced coffees."

dream nodded his head and looked at sapnap.

"can i just have a mcchicken." sapnap spoke quietly.

dream looked at the screen and spoke.

"okay can i have 4 sausage burritos, 2 medium caramel iced coffees and 2 mcchickens please."

"okay, you're total will be $11.56 at the first window please." she spoke.

dream drove the car up to the first window, he rolled his window down a little bit more and took out his credit card.

the girl opened the window and repeated his order to him, she grabbed the card out of his hand.

"okay here's your card back. this might sound a little bit weird but i think you're cute, can i have your snap or something?"

before dream could even talk sapnap spoke.

"sorry he's taken by me. but thanks for the offer." sapnap spoke.

"what the fuck man i thought you loved me. whatever it's fine." karl said.

dream looked over at sapnap and karl with shock on his face, sapnap was holding his laugh back.

"oh my apologies, have a nice day." she closed the window and walked away.

dream drove the car up to the second window.

"what the fuck is wrong with you guys." dream laughed.

alex and karl laughed in the back, sapnap laughed up front. this was their type of friendship. they were rebellious and funny at the same time.

the window rolled open, the male held a bag with food in it and a drink carrier.

dream looked at him, he was cute. he had blonde hair and blue eyes.

dream grabbed the bag out of his hand, and gave it to sapnap. he then grabbed the drink carrier and handed it to the boys in the back.

"have a good day." the male said quickly closing the window.

sapnap nudged dream, dream looked over at him. sapnap was smiling.

"i saw the way you looked at that man." sapnap said. "you looked like you were about to nut right then and there."

dream wheezed as he pulled off.

"he was cute, but not that cute." dream said as he laughed.

"men are so hot. right karl? you think so?" sapnap said looking back at him smirking.

karl looked up at sapnap.

"you should just stop trying." karl said.

"ugh i wish you would just kiss me." sapnap said with a pouty face.

"okay." karl said leaning up to sapnap, he gave him a little peck on the cheek.

"that's gay." alex said eating his food.

"and?" sapnap said seriously. "there's nothing wrong with being gay."

"i know, it's just a joke." alex said looking up at sapnap.

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