The horsemen: War. Chapter 1

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(New York time 3:35 the streets of New York were filled with people as the watched the news from a meteor that was heading to earth, but as the meteor fell it was clear that it was not a meteor but an angel and a demon fighting while they were falling from the heavens.)

Man: What is that?!

Police#1: Clear the streets!!!

Police#2: Everyone move!!!!

The meteor fell and there was smoke everywhere,barly visible the people were trying to figure out what was on the ground...but then the demon arose from the ground with the defeated angel in between his wretched claws the angel with a barley reachable voice said:


The humans hearing this ran for cover as much as they could! But there hopes fell as from the sky hellhounds were droping like blood drops from ones vains.

Demon: Find the humans! kill them all!!

As he said that there was an explosion behind the demon...... the demon looked back only to see that there was a sword on the ground with skulls and blue eyes...the name on the side as it said "Kaosuita" wich meant Chaos Eater.

Behind the sword a shadowed figure appeared as the dust cleared out. The dust having been cleared out the shadowed figured was reaviald only to be a man. But of corse this man was not normal.

As the man arose he grabed the sed sword and looked at the demon. Te demon then spoked.

Demon: Senso (War)

War: Akuma, sorera o tebanasu....(Demon,let them go)

Demon:.....ja,ja,ja.....JA,JA,JA,JA!!!!!!! How foolish do you think i am horsemen? It is time for the destruction of man the seals have been broken. Admit lost...the demons win!!!

As the demon said that he imidiatly attacked War. War having forseen the attack dodged it gracefully. Once the demon missed War took his sword Chaos Eater and cut the demons hand of.

Demon:AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Soko ni anata orokamono ni tatsu dakede wa ikenai! Kare o korosu!(Dont just stand there you fools! Kill him!)

That sed the demon hounds that were standing watching the fight patiently but ancious sriked imidiatley. without mercy one by one jumped on the horsemen and kept trying to bring him down. But there attempts faild. Since the horsemns power was limitless. He then jumped in the air and did a ground smash attack wich coused the ground to open up and from the depths of the black pitts..the fire of the horsemens judgment fell upon the demons around him.

War: Demon why are you here?!!!

Demon: It is judgment day for the third kingdom, mankind will fall before the legions of hell there is no stoping us now!!! We shall prevail!!!!!!

War: Then you shall fall with your corrupted honor.

As War sed that he raised his sword Chaos Eater and sliced the demons head of. As War kept walking he could se the legions of hell fighting the angels of heaven. In a struggle to save mankind. But as War kept walking he heard the sounds of trumpets. But the trumpets weekend War and he lost some of his powers.

War:, hapenning???

As War walked to the center of the city he could see the angel general Abbadon as he was hovering on top a magma filled hole fighting of the demons around him

War: Abbadon?! What is going on?!!!

Abbadon: No.... impossible.... the last seal was not broken???

War: What?! What's going on here where are my brothers?!!!!!

As Abbadon thought in confusion trying to shake off the things he was seeing before him a giant rocklike hand came out of the molten magma where Abbadon was hovering.... But when Abbadon finaly came to his sense ot was to late the giant hand crushed Abbadon.....

???: Nooo!!!!!!!

War: Huh?!

???: By the makers hand what have you done?!!!!

When the angle spoke the giant hand crushed the ground right next to War. Then out of the molten magma a giant body came out and thus it was the demon general's second in command.....

???: *Rooooaaaaarrrr* Ja,ja,ja,ja!!!!!! Horsemen!!!!

War: Straga?!

Straga: What are you doing here?!!!! The seales have not yet been broken!!!!

War: Yes they have!!!! I stand before you am I not?!!

Straga: Then were are your brothers?

War: I'll kill you!!!!

War then jumped. Racing on Straga's arm he then jumped and sliced his eye out

Straga: Aaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!! Damn you horsemen!!!!!

When War jumped to hit the final blow the sound of trumpets were heard again and War lost his powers and thus was week

War: Wat is happening?!!

Straga: Ja,ja,ja,ja you've lost horsemen!!!

As Straga sed that he picked up War and trhew him up in the air and was trying to crush him under his arm.

War: Noooooooo!!!!!!!-

Straga killed War......

After his defeat War then awoke only to see that he was in front of the council. Where he was being charged for his "crimes"

Councilmen#1: War you are being judged by the council for your crimes.

Councilmen#2: You were seen on earth bringing forth the apocalypse and ending the third kingdom. When we arived there you were under the wing of the Destroyer himself. If the claims are true.

War: To hell with your claims!!!!!! I was summoned!!!! The seals were broken!!!!

Councilmen#3 Then where are your brother's. Were they not summoned as well?

War:When I arose. Heaven and Hell were already at war. Abbadon was there.... he knew something.

Councilmen#1: Abbadon fell fighting off the chaos you unleashed.

Councilmen#2: Horsemen your punishment is severely dangerous, your actions will cause you to loose your post as a horsemen.

War: Then send me back...... and I will punish the ones responsible.

Councilmen#3: How do we know you won't betray us?

War: Then I will fail and the demons would haved carried out your sentence.

Then there was a total silence......

Councilmen#1: Very well..... but you shall be watched.... step forward.

As War took a step forward he put his hand in molten magma loosing a lot of his blood.. but then the blood turned black and from his blood a demon with chains arose.

Councilmen#2: The Watcher is bound to you. He will keep you in balance and assures us your loyalty.

Watcher: Remember that.... or I'll really get under your skin.

The Watcher then made War feel intense pain

Councilmen#1: Enough!!!!! You shall be sent to earth. But you shall return.... Now arise War and take your weapon Chaos Eater. And take these souls.

Councilmen#3: Find the demon named Vulgrim he has longed wanted an audience with us he might now be useful in your quest....

War: The council confers with demons now those it?

Councilmen#2: Since the destroyers defeat many demons fell from his command . Vulgrim is one which wanted an audience with us.

War: How long have I been here???

Before War's question could be answered

The council sent War to earth.

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