Im A Boss ~Brielle~

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(A/N: I have a lot of pictures of all of the cast, so I'm just gonna put anyone's picture in the media each chapter so if you want me to still tell you who the picture is of, let me know. - Brielle again is in the media BTW)



I sat on her bed pulling her down in my lap, she ran her fingers through my hair before pressing her lips against mines. My hands slipped around her waist as she grind on me, I then grew wet. Our kiss became hungry and lustfull and I wanted her more than anything.
"Asia , baby. I want you" I whispered in her ear as I kissed her neck.
"Then have me" she moaned out.

I snapped out of my thoughts let out a deep sigh. I was standing outside of Asia's house. We are suppose to come up with ideas for event , but I'm mad nervous. I have been standing at her front door for almost 5 minutes.

I sucked up my fears and prepped my self to knock on her door. When it opened and someone walked through it.

It was Tkay. Tkay or Takia is the only stud Asia ever let tie her down. As far as I know Tkay is the only girl Asia has ever been in a relationship with. Lucky ass. They broke up when they found out they were cheating on each other. Some bull shit ainna?
But what is Her hot shot ass doing here?

"Wassup Brielle" Tkay said ,her eyes falling over me.
"Nothing" I said plainly.
"You looking good" she licked her lips. I scilently kissed my teeth.
"Yeah, well Asia is in her room" she said then walking past me. I stepped into Asia's house closing the door behind me. Her house was more beautiful on the inside than on the outside. Everything was in place and looked like it came out of a magazine. I could of figured that this is what her house looked like. Everyone at my school is rich or smart as hell! Me.... I'm just there because my father is best friends with the principal and he pulled some strings for me.

Once I was finished admiring her house, I then noticed that I didn't know where the hell Asia's room was. I pulled out my phone and got ready to text her.

"Hey bookie" I heard Asia say. I looked up from my phone and saw her at the top of the stairs, she had on shorts and a tank top. Her hair was up I a bun.  Damn she is just extra sexy.

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