Mid September

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We were still talking and things were better than ever. We still couldn't tell people about us, but I'm sure some of the people around me had already figured it out although no one said anything about it.

The church had planned a movie night that week and we were to have a surprise guest over. We were going to watch the Passion of the Christ since it had just came out on DVD. Can you guess who the guest was?

I wish I could have. I would have worn something a lot cuter and a lot easier to get off. I didn't even have a nice bra on. Calm down I told myself. It's not like you can do anything here. Your at church for crying out loud. But still I wanted it so bad.

The movie started and I got bored with it quickly. I just kept looking over at him who was looking over at me.

Looks like you need to go to the bathroom. ;) -D

I think you're right. ;) *L&D*

I got up and told my mom I would be right back. OMG. I just lied in church to my mom. I went out into the church lobby and when I seen him come out of the chapel I went outside and leaned on his truck. I figured it would be the last place we could get caught. He came and leaned over me and grabbed my waist. "I missed you." He said. "I want you." I replied.

We jumped up in the back seat and started steaming up the windows. We got our shirts off and then the door opened. There stood one of my friends with her mouth hanging open and a look of shock upon her face. "Oh Jenna, please don't say anything." Then she just started laughing at us. "OMG! Did you see the look on your face? That was too good. Don't worry. If I was going to say something I would have done it a long time ago." With that she just walked away with a look of triumph on her face.

Deante looked confused. "How did she know?" he asked "We were supposed to keep this quiet. Do you realize how much trouble I can get in?" I assured him that I never said anything to anyone and he believed me. We decided we should probly get back inside before anyone else came looking for us.

How did u no? *L&D*

Haha plz. u 2 ben lookin @ each other all summer. u text mysterious "D" since we got home. ur sig is l&d. u ben starin @ each other all nite. n u just both happened 2 need da bathroom @ da same time. DUH. not like u were trying hard 2 hide it. <3 Jen

Yea...I guess ur rite. *L&D*

So is he a good kisser? <3 Jen

OMG. Like none other *L&D*

LOL well don't worry im not sayin n e thing but you need to stop ignoring me so much. i was here first and we were best friends now you got no time for me. <3 Jen

Yea ur rite again. I promise. *

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