Chapter 13

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     "So, what kind of Hell has a Chapel?" Jack questioned Alex.

     "Well this Chapel is different," explained Alex as she jumped on an air bubble, "This is the Chapel of demons."

     "Wait, What!"

     "Oh, I always forget, you haven't been to Hell before now!" Alex exlaimed, "Well anyway Hell is like Wonderland from Alice In Wonderland. See the Queen of Hearts is the Devil, the rabbit is Death... because he brings you here, the Mad Hatter is/are the Hellhounds, and Alice is/are the lost souls-"

     "Ow!" Jack yelled, pulling away from the lit cigar, "What the-" "SHHH" Alex shushed in his ear, "Someone's here!"

     "tick-tock...The mouse is on the clock!" Jack said dryly

     Several minuets passed before Alex finally had the courage to talk, what happened to Jack?" J-Jack are you OK?" Alex quivered, slowly backing away, "Is this the same Jack that attacked me earlier? If so, is the doll still possesing him, or is it something else?" Alex's thoughts whirled over-welmed her.

     "Where's demon." Alex stated, picking up all the courage she dropped when she realized a demon possesed Jack.

     "Master wants to speak to you, Fallen one," he said, but it wasn't Jack's voice. And then he lunged at her, and unfortionatlly for Alex, she was trapped in a narrow tunnel, and he sucseided in knocking her out.

*                                                                                                  *   (Alex's POV)                                                   *

     I woke up, floating in the blackabiss of nothing.

     "You've got 10 real world minuets, if you are alive by then, you can return back to my Kingdom, with Jack, if you don't, you will already be dead, and I, will find him and kill him and replay your death as I do, torchering his soul...Fallen..." the Devil boomed.


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