Chapter 1: Magcon whos that??

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"Come on aiyanna your like the slowest person I've ever met!" My friend sarah said ""coming!" I scream down I get to the last two step of my stairs and jump and totally failed and landed on the floor "you okay there my best friend" Darik said "yea" I say as I start to stand up "what are we waiting for lets go" me and Sarah scream "as we jump into my dads lambo ( she's rich forgot to tell you) we drove to starbucks and got out of the car. " Dang is that your car?" This dude with a bandana said "yea why??" "I just wouldn't expect you to have a car like that!"
"Well you don't know me so you don't have the right to say that" I glared at him " im Taylor this is nash Cameron hayes jack Johnson Jack gilinsky Shawn Aaron carter"
" And I'm someone who doesn't care" I said while me and my friends walked into starbucks " you showed them aiyanna!!!!" They said

"I'm suprised she doesn't know who we were I've never been rejected like that?" I said "but dang was she hot" they all said

"Ugh I hate guys like that" I Said
We walked out of starbucks walking to the dollar store so we could get some candy and something to do cause hey the dollar store has some cool stuff sometimes as we were walking to the dollar store I we heard a crowd of girls screaming we thought it was something bad so I ran to the sound and saw a bunch of boy I ran up to everyone of them and fought them like they were the Grimm reaper "oh crap I'm so sorry" I said feeling guilty "whoa you can fight" they all said amazed just like the first white girl trying starbucks " why were those girl screamin like bloody murder or something??" I asked confused "we are kind vine famous and YouTube" they all said "I've never seen you guys before...... But whatever I gtg" I said while swaying my hips " WAIT WE NEED YOUR NUMBER!!!!" Nash yelled " okay here's what it is 9-1-1 okay byeeeeee"

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