Disruption 2! Plot Convince. Its a thing.

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Hikaru yawned as he woke up. "11:00? I need to get more sleep." He rubbed his eyes and got out of bed. "Hmm." He looked through his closet. "He grabbed his clothes and his belt. "Something is missing." He grabbed a box and blew the dust off it. "Here they are!" He opened the box and grabbed a pair of goggles. He put them on his head and went out his bedroom door. He noticed the tv was on in the living room. "I must have left it on." It was playing a episode of Digimon Tamers. "Of course I would leave it on the Digimon Marathon." He turned it off. "What do to day.." [Maybe you could train?] "WHO SAID THAT!" [I did.] "WHERE ARE YOU!" [I am the beast the lives inside of you.]

{Opening theme:Henshin Supernova}

"What's the supposed to mean." [Well. You know how when you put the belt on.] "Yeah?" [I was trapped inside of it and you let me free. So to you repay. I gave you the power to Henshin!] "Hmph. That seems really fair." Hikaru went outside and got on his bike. He revved it and drove off. "So what can I call you?" [You can call me Duke.] "Duke huh. Nice name. Mines Hikaru!" [Nice to meet you Hikaru! According to my readings there's a empty lot where you can train.] "Thanks I guess." He arrived at the lot. "So what now." [Transform.] "Favorite part of my day!" He sling the belt around his waist and grabbed his card. "Henshin!" [Paradox form! Go-Go-Go!!!] His transformation finished. "Wait. You're the voice from the driver?" [Who else would be saying that.] "A randomly programmed voice?" [Point taken.] The rider sighed. "Alrighty then!" He grabbed his sword. "Hm." [Whats wrong?] "Oh you know that there's nothing to slash at." [You're a swordsman right?] "Annnd?" [HIT. THE. TREES.] "Oh. Right!" He threw the sword up in the air and caught, wielding it backhanded. "Ikuze!" With one swing he slashed a couple of them in half. "Sweet!" [Good work.] "Thanks." [Now charge it and swing again.] "Wait. I can do that?" [Put all your energy into the saber and swing.] "Alright!" He gripped the sword and focus his energy into it. [SABER IS GO!] "Paradox.... SLASHING!" He let out a blade of energy that covered the sword. he slashed the rest of the trees down. "Phew..." He dehenshined. [Go get something to eat. I can feel your depleted of energy.] "Thanks." He got on his bike and rode off to his favorite thing to eat. As he rode off a monster covered in tubes looked at the fallen trees. "That human. He has the paradox demon.."

Hikaru after finishing his lunch arrives back his training area. He stops as he notices some scorch marks on the ground. "What the hell?" Before he could react he is knocked to the ground. He gets himself up and looks in surprise to see another monster. "Another one? Greaaaaat." He gets up and takes out his belt. He climbs up on to his bike and revs it. "HENSHIN!" [PARADOX FORM! GO GO GO!!] He drives by the monster slashing it with his sword. As he drives by he notices a card fall out of the monster. He picks it up and notices it's design. It's mostly black but has green outlines. "Hmmmmmm..... I wonder." He takes out the Paradox card and the eyes of the suit loses it blue color. "LETS FIND OUT WHAT THIS ONE DOES!" He slides the card through the scanner and slams it in the slot. [STORM FORM! WIND WIND WIND!!!] He suit changes colors with the blue being replaced with green and the white becoming grey. His sword disappears and a giant hammer comes flying towards him. That lands in his hand. "THAT WAS FUCKING AMAZING. Alrighty monster lets see how to like this!" He shoots the monster. He runs up and then kicks. "Let's finish this!" He taps the button next to the scanner.i [STORM FORM! SPINNING THROW!] "RISING HAMMER SPIN!!" Hikaru tosses the hammer in the air. His fist begins to light up green. The hammer comes back down spinning. He punches it sending it flying towards the monster killing him. "DAMN. DONT YOU JUST LOVE PLOT CONVINCE? YEAH IM TALKING TO YOU READER." He dehenshins and rides off back to his house.

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