Luke Hemmings

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You're sitting on the small couch in the living room, watching Magic Mike. Luke is at work, so you're only wearing a long white T-shirt.

You see Channing Tatum shirtless and on stage, and your excitement grows. You wish Luke was home, you're feeling extremely horny. It's been weeks since you and Luke have done anything. The attraction is still there, but he's come home tired from work every night, which has left you feeling like a wild animal in a cage.

After a minute of watching the sweaty, muscular guys on the television, you lift your shirt up just past your hipbones. You begin rubbing yourself in small circles, your muscles finally relaxing. Small moans escape your mouth, causing you not to hear the door open.

"Channing Tatum, really, (y/n)? Does he turn you on more than I do?" Luke's voice causes you to jump. He's standing behind the couch, leaned in right next to your ear. You have no idea how long he's been watching you.

Tugging your shirt back down, you feel your face grow hot. The look on Luke's face tells you that he isn't at all happy. "Luke. I— oh god." You inhale deeply as he slides his hands slowly from your shoulders to your breasts, massaging them roughly through the thin fabric.

Your hands travel back down to your soaked area, but he stops you. "I don't think so. You're mine. And I'm going to prove it." He scoops you into his arms and rushes upstairs to the bedroom.

Your back hits the soft duvet, and before you know it, Luke has you pinned down. His hands run all over your body, painfully slow. Moans feel the room as Luke inserts a finger into you.

His free hand clamps down on your mouth, muffling your voice. "(Y/n), you're not allowed to make a sound until I tell you to. Understood?" His voice is husky, and he's slightly biting his lip.

You nod, and riskily lean up to kiss him. Just before your lips meet, he sticks another finger inside you. "Luke, oh god. Please!" Immediately, you cover your mouth with your small hand.

He stops what he's doing and tsks several times. You watch him stand up, and you think he's going to leave.

Instead, he pulls the pants of his suit down, his boxers going with them, revealing his hard on. You smirk, knowing what's going to happen. Your body swells with excitement, it's been way too long since this has happened.

All of a sudden, he slams into you, not waiting for you to adjust. Skin on skin and moans are the only sounds that fill the room.

His pace picks up, and your toes begin to curl. "I bet Channing Tatum couldn't make you feel this good." He moans into your ear, sucking in the sensitive skin right below it. You climax incredibly hard, your vision going fuzzy and your body slack.

"(Y/n), I didn't give you permission for that either!" He pants as he cums a moment later. You blush, not sure why that was such a big deal.

He scoots you to the edge of the bed and gets on his knees. You begin to ask what he's doing, but his tongue on your center stops you. He flicks it with expertise against your still swollen clit.

You feel your stomach tighten, and realize that you're going to cum again. Moaning, you release once more.

Luke doesn't stop, standing to put his new hard on back inside of you. "Now, whose girlfriend are you?" He slams into you, again and again. His hips make precise movements, making him hit into your g-spot forcefully with each thrust.

You moan, not able to respond. Your body feels weak, and you're area is extremely sore. He slams into you harder "who's the only one who can make you feel this good?"

As your stomach clenches up again, you scream "YOU LUKE, OH GOD, LUKE, YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE." you both climax for a final time as he lies down beside you.

Immediately, he holds you in his arms, knowing how weak you must feel. The room is completely quiet besides the sound of panting as you both try to calm your rapidly beating hearts."I love you, (y/n)." He whispers, placing a chaste kiss on your temple.

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