Chapter 3: Vader's Pupil

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Marquikise's POV

I sensed the ship come out of hyperspace, and into the Alderaan System. I waited for a minute then I felt the ship shake as another ship shot at us and flew off. I sensed that it was an Imperial Fighter... heading to a huge battle station. I heard the engines reverse at full throttle but were shortly shut off. I realized that we were stuck in a tractor beam. I felt Dalka shift next to me.

"Do you sense that station too?" She asked me suddenly.

"Yes." I replied. "We need to reveal ourselves now so we know what to do as a group, when we get to the station." I said standing up.

"But Ben already knows that we are here." She said. Dalka is really becoming a Jedi.

"Yes, all the more reason to show ourselves." I said walking out of our hiding spot. I was greeted by a Wookie who had over heard our conversation. He let out a loud growl, then he seized me by my arms and picked me up. The pilot and Luke ran into the room to see what was the problem.

"Who are you? How did you get on here? And why are you here?" He said aggressively. I sensed Ben enter the room and calmly strolled over to me. He smiled at me.

"I see that you followed us on Marquikise." He said.

"Actually I snuck on before." I said weakly. The Wookie was still holding onto me by my arms. I then added a series of barks to the Wookie asking him politely to put me down. The Wookie put me down and the pilot stared at me looking floored.

"I think you should come out too Dalka." Said Ben. Dalka crawled out of our hiding place and straitened her outfit.

"How are we going to get onto that station undetected?" I asked the group.

"How about we erase the memory of where the ship was headed to and say it was abandoned." Suggested Luke.

"Good idea kid." The pilot said. "By the way I'm Han Solo, and this is Chewbacca." Han said gesturing to himself and the Wookie.

"I never thought about this, but you two gave me an idea." Said Han gesturing to Dalka and I. "We should hide in the cargo hold. And I'm taking your advice and wiping the memory." Han walked off to wipe the ship's memory. Chewbacca turned and followed him. I reached out with the force and I felt the force presence of Darth Vader. I felt another presence on this ship other than Darth Vader's. It was a Sith Lord presence, it felt like an apprentice.

"I believe that there is something that I must do when we land." I said to Ben, though Luke was listening to me looking curious.

"I sense that you should confront him." Said Ben. "And take Dalka with you. She needs to battle with a Sith. I suggest that you use precaution around him." I nodded, then we hid ourselves for the landing.


I felt the familiar bump as the ship was landed by the tractor beam. I sensed many Stormtroopers enter the hanger and stand guard near the ship. I sensed Darth Vader's presence near the ship.

Suddenly, footsteps marched up the ramp into the ship and over us. The footsteps moved about the ship then eventually moved back to the exit and off the ship. I heard Han and Ben move the floor above them and get out. The talked for a moment but then we heard heavier footsteps coming up the ramp into the ship. The footsteps sounded like they were carrying something heavy.

There was a somewhat quiet scuffle and a series of fist against flesh sounds, then it was quiet again. I picked up the floor above me and slid it to the side. I picked myself out of the cargo storage and I helped Dalka out. I saw Han and Luke putting on the Stormtrooper armor. Han ran out to not arise suspicion.

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