Chapter Fourteen 

Other than Dean and Castiel's kiss, the party was uneventful.  After regrouping in Bobby's office (Cas and Dean holding hands), they discovered that they hadn't learned much.  Sherlock took Davros and Gadreel off their list of suspects, dropping them down to seven.  The rest of September and October past with no further leads and Sherlock was getting antsy.  No deaths, no threats, not even a harmful prank.   

Halloween loomed ahead and Rose insisted that they all dress up and go to the school's annual Halloween Dance.  As it was Rose's idea, she and the Doctor took the lead in getting everyone's costume's ready.  Of course, they played it to their advantage.  Dean and Castiel were together with no shame and Sam and Gabriel were more open.  Rose sighed in frustration as John and Sherlock still remained friends.  Her and the Doctor believed that it was Sherlock's fault.  He tended to think he wasn't good enough to be in a relationship.  It bugged Rose.   

The weeks leading up to Halloween consisted of the Doctor and Rose measuring the rest of the group and sending Bobby requests for various clothes.  At first Bobby was irritated by it all, but much like Bobby always was he warmed up to it all and got excited about seeing the costumes together - though he'd never say it. 

On Halloween there were no classes.  Rose took Cas, Sam, and John and helped them get ready in Cas and Sam's room.  Sherlock, Dean, and Gabriel met up in the Doctor and Dean's room and the Doctor helped them with their costumes.  It took hours to get all the costumes and make up ready.  Rose ran between the two rooms to help with the make up while the Doctor made sure all the costumes were in place.  Rose and the Doctor were the last to get ready, dressing in matching '50s costumes.  Finally, the group was done, much to the relief of everyone.  They met out between the rooms, and least to say they were all surprised.   

Dean was dressed in red with horns and a tail - a demon Rose had said.  Meanwhile his green eyes found Castiel who was dressed in a tight white shirt and white pants that hugged his legs.  Wings were strapped to his back and his blue eyes popped out even more.  Dean had to admit that Castiel looked hot.  Cas thought the same about Dean in his dark red leather jacket and dark jeans that hugged his legs.  You could see Cas' eye dilate as he looked over Dean. 

John couldn't help but laugh when he saw Sherlock.  Sherlock was dressed in a ridiculous detective costume while John was still in regular clothes.  However Rose, with the help of Clara who had stopped by, had put in all her make up expertise to make John look like a man who'd been shot.  A corpse for the detective. 

The hardest for the Doctor and Rose to put together had been Sam and Gabriel.  They were going to do a ring master and clown, but then they discovered that Sam was scared of clowns.  Then it had come to them.  It had hit Rose and she knew they had to.  Gabriel had been paled by makeup and wore a cape and fake fangs.  He was Dracula and he loved it.  That was until he saw Sam who wore a plaid shirt and tight ripped jeans.  Rose had gotten gloves with claws and fake hair which she covered Sam with.  He was a werewolf.  The rest of the group thought it was as hilarious as the Doctor and Rose had planned.  Almost as odd as a Demon and Angel, Sam and Gabriel were a vampire and werewolf that were in love. 

The dance was in the school's gym.  The club that had put it together had done a great job.  The gym didn't even look like the gym.  All the windows were covered with black drapes so the only light was from the dimmed red lights.  The decorations were beyond creepy and sent chills down the students that were easy to scare.  The group passed Grace and Jenna as they slipped into the gym. Rose had stopped to gush about how amazing they looked in their flapper dresses.  Both girls had thanked her.   

The music was loud and pounded and their were bodies everywhere.  Dean had his arm tight around Castiel's waist as the navigated through the crowd to the part designated as the dance floor.  Dean wasn't much for dancing, but Cas had begged him and Dean had quickly given in.  Gabriel dragged a laughing Sam to the candy counter, passing a clown on the way there that Gabriel had "protected" Sam from.  Sherlock wasn’t much of a social person, and John knew that.  They stood against the wall and John listened to Sherlock as he observed people who went by.  John was always in awe about how Sherlock could just read people.  Arguably the cutest had to be the Doctor and Rose.  They stayed close together, chatting and laughing endlessly.  The Doctor in a brown suit and his normally tussled hair slicked back and Rose in a pink poodle skirt and blue leather jacket.  Many students commented on how cute a couple they were as they walked by.  They would both turn red, but wouldn't deny it.  How odd that the two who were trying to pair up the group were possibly the two that were the most in love. 

The group would all admit that the night was fun and one of the best nights of the year.  Cas and Dean had finally got off the dance floor and joined Sam and Gabe by the punch.  Cas downed a whole cup of water quickly.  Rose and the Doctor hurried over, dragging Sherlock and John behind them.  

"They're announcing the best costume soon!" Rose exclaimed excitedly.  "I hope one of us win.  We worked so hard on these costumes." 

The drama teacher stepped up to the front of the gym on the raised pedestal that had been placed there.  She had a mic in her hand and behind her giant black drapes covered the windows that were there.   

"As you all know, we are now to announce the best costumes!" she announced and the students cheered.  "Without further ado, the best costume goes to..." 

She never got to continue as the drapes behind her dropped, revealing a boy hanging by his ankles, his eyes carved out and throat slashed.  The students gasped and many looked away. 

"Kevin!" Gabriel and Sam exclaimed. 

"Wait, your roommate?" Cas asked Gabriel who nodded, not able to tear his eyes away. 

"And our friend," Sam said. "He's a freshman like me.  We have advanced math together."  

Dean could see the brokenness in his brother's eyes. 

"Why are they my friends?" Sam said, tears leaking out now.  "First Jess and now Kevin." 

Gabriel wrapped his arms around the taller boy, holding him close.  Sam dropped his head in the crook of Gabriel's neck and Dean wrapped his arms around both boys.  Sherlock and John had already left, pushing toward the body with the Doctor and Rose at their side.  Bobby was beside the four boys now.  He said a few words to them then followed after the other four.   

"We need to get out of here," Castiel said, moving to help Sam and Gabriel get out. 

"No," Sam said.  "No.  I'm done with this.  No one is going to mess with my friends.  I want to go to Sherlock.  I want to hear what he has to say.  I want to stop whoever this is."


Well I'm home sick today so I got to work on this story.  I'll have a new part up soon.  Hope you guys liked this chapter.  For Dean and Cas' costume, just imagine tight clothes in their designated colour.  Dean's jacket is like the one he wore in purgatory.  Sherlock is in the Sherlock outfit with the funny hat and coat.  The Doctor and Rose are in their outfits from The Idiot's Lantern.

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