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In a world not unlike our own, a legend goes from the distant past.

In the land of Adalia, seven nations lay in an uneasy peace. None of the seven were more restless than Adamantia, the land of humans in the South. Percieved as weak by many, the Adamantians constantly had to fight back against the other nations. Although not as inherently strong, the Adamantians were cunning and creative, making weapons of war and tactics that allowed them to overtake their foes. Soon they had grown to be the largest of the nations, spreading from the Sea of Souls to the East, all the way to the western border of the Unknown regions. This, however gave them the emnity of many, and Adamantia held only one ally: the Lilyan Dominion, an elven realm that protected a thin strip of land that seperated Western Adamantia from the East.

From the East, Adamantia faced two new terrors in the Giants and the Tsierpentine. These two nations began to descend upon them from the North mercilessly. The nomadic giants were slow and stupid, but strong. They laid waste to villages until walls were finally built to halt their mindless advance. The Tsierpentine, however, were not so easily deterred. With the upper body of a man, and the tail of serpent, as thick as logs. They were fast, organized, and brutal. Whatever village they attacked, few, if any, lived to tell about it. Only with large forces and heavy casualties were the Adamantians able to repel the Tsierpentine. As with the giants, a wall was built to hold back the monsters. This reduced the raids to a minimum, but eventually, the Tsierpentine began to grow bolder, and the giants wander southward once more.

From the West, Adamantia stood at an uneasy truce with the Warlord's Protectorate. The Orcish nation thrived on war, but luckily for the rest of Adalia, it stood in constant civil war, with every Orc who could hold a weapon trying to claim the title of Warlord Supreme. Often, the other nations helped to stir internal strife, fearing that if the civil war were to end, an organized Orcish army would turn their war hammers and axes to the rest of Adalia. They found themselves to be right when Khanis took control, and reigned supreme, holding his office and bringing the land under his control. He mustered an army, and began training them to march on Adamantia.

Adamantia, facing peril at three sides, sent a cry for help. King Meris sent his most trusted friend as an ambassador to the other nations, hoping to bring allies to repel the oncoming threat of destruction.

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