Chapter Four

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Underneath The Scars

Chapter Four - Something Stupid

(this will be a short chapter but they will get longer, I promise!)


In the end, I ran. I ran even when my lungs felt like they would give in. I was old enough to drive but I’d been sacked from my Saturday job when my mother had stumbled into the café drunk and harassed customers. There was no way I could afford a car.

I slowed to a jog and quickly text the mother of one of Daisy’s friends, explaining that I was unable to get her and hoped she could go round to play for the evening. That only left Harris. I broke into a run again, glad that he lived only ten minutes away from me.

Knowing his parents would be out, I didn’t bother to knock when I finally arrived at his front door, gasping for breath. Instead, I rushed inside and up the stairs to his room, where I found Harris sat on the edge of his bed, head hung and shoulders hunched.

Panicked, I hurried to him and knelt on the floor between his knees, looking up at him and holding his face between my hands. He focused his gaze on me.


“Harris, tell me you haven’t done anything stupid.”

“You’re here,” he whispered, leaning down and bringing me into his arms. “Thank God you’re here.”

I clung to him with my face buried against his shoulder, inhaling the familiar scent of his clothes and feeling like I couldn’t take much more of this. I closed my eyes, so relieved that I could’ve cried.

I didn’t know very much, but I did know that a world without Harris was not a world I wanted to live in.

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