Chapter 4

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I just walked through by front door and my phone just pinged I looked and it's a text from my boyfriend (jake).

Jake: hey babe do you want to come round xxx

Me: Yeah sure I'll be there in 10 mins xx

I ran up the stairs to get ready and I got another text from jake saying:p

Jake: ok babe and nobody's home so we can have some fun lol 😉 xx

I laughed and carried on getting ready.

I knocked on jakes door and waited a few seconds until he came to the door shirtless I paused for a few seconds at the sight of his six-pack I slowly walked into his house and sat down.
He sat down next to me and said
"what do you want to do babe"

" I'm not sure what time is your mum home"

" umm 7:30 I think "

" ok so we have 3 and a half hours"

" yeah so what you wanna do"

" we could go to the shop and meet someone"

" yeah ok" he said

I went to get up and he playfully pulled me back down and started making out with me.
We both got up as he turned music on and then we both entered the kitchen.

"Want a drink?"

" no thanks" I shrugged

Jake grabbed a coke as I sat on the counter. The music stopped and then there was a awkward silence as jake was sing then he went a light shade of red as we both started laughing.

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