"You did all of this?"

"Of course I did, you only get engaged once."

"You're amazing, I can't believe it."

Macy looked around, all her closest friends and family surrounding her. It was truly a special night, one she wouldn't forget.

"You're family now, don't worry about it." The look on her soon to be sister-in laws face was on the thanks Avery needed.

The party went just as planned, games were played.. guest were lingering.. there was plenty of drinking, the mimosa bar was a hit. Adam and Macy were in there own little world.. staring at each other and smiling, they talked to the guest and showed off the new piece of jewelry on her finger.

Green eyes met hers.. she smiled and he smiled back. She rushed up to him, immediately getting wrapped in a tight embrace.

"Hope you don't mine me crashing."

"You can't crash if you were invited."

She made it clear when they got lunch the day before that he was more then welcome to come.. that she wanted him to be there. They met and talked.. they talked about what happened. She told him shed forgiven him and all she wanted to do was move on.

They agreed to be friends.

"Thank you for coming."

Her dad approached them, he gave Harry a look.. Harry nodded and extended his hand.

"Mr. Jones I take it?"


"Harry, it's nice to meet you, you have a very lovely daughter."

"I know I do."

Her dads always been tough.. never approving of anyone she dated, no one was ever good enough for his little girl. Between her dad and Adam, plenty of boys ran.

"I'm going to get back to the party, you two have fun."

His eyebrows were raised at Harry, Avery wanted to tell him it wasn't like that, not anymore but she didn't get time. Harry nodded once again and her dad walked away.

"Oh no.. I'm so sorry.. he's so protective."

Her hands covered her face. His hands rested on her forearms.

"Avery it's fine. I understand, he's your dad.. I've always been protective of Gem."


"Plus I always tell myself that's the kind of dad I'm going to be."


Her attention was turned from Harry to her brother who was now standing in front of everyone about to give a speech.

That was supposed to be Avery up there giving the speech, talking about how much they both mean to her but she got a little bit distracted.

"Hey everyone. Thanks for coming today on such short notice to help celebrate our engagement. We're so lucky to have such supporting family and friends. I especially want to thank my little sister Avery, she's the one who had the idea to throw the party.. she planned all of this and put it all together."

"Avery and I haven't always gotten along, we fought a lot and she didn't like me most of the time because I was the reason we couldn't get a dog." She laughed at the memory.. when she was younger all she wanted was a puppy and when her parents told her they couldn't because of Adam she didn't talk to him for a week. "But we grew up and she became my best friend, she still is to this day. I would bring girls home and she would tell me she didn't like them and when I would ask why she told me simply that they didn't look at me like they should. She never thought anyone was good for me, until I brought Macy home.. she was the first girl Avery approved of, which made dating her a lot easier."

There were plenty of times where Adam would come home to Macy and Avery sitting on the sofa. They'd text back and forth and Adam swore that most of the time Macy liked Avery better.

"So thank you Avery for being my best friend and doing all of this for us, we appreciate it. I love you."

Glasses were raised, everyone was looking at Avery. She wiped the tears away before raising her glass in return.

"I love you."


To: Avery.
Any plans tonight?

From: Avery.

To: Avery.
Good, Liam and Louis are in town with their girlfriends and some people I know are having a bonfire tonight and I wanted to know if you wanted to go with me?

From: Avery.
Sure, what time?

To: Avery.
I'll pick you up in like thirty minutes.

He thew on a black shirt and shorts.. just in case they decided to get in the water.

"I'm going to get Avery, I'll see you guys there."

Liam and Louis were lounging in his living room watching TV while the girls were upstairs getting ready.

"You want us to tell Cal you're going to be a bit late?"

"Liam, it's not like that.. were just friends."

Neither Liam or Louis were buying it, they knew Harry had feelings for her wether or not he knew it. He got way too excited after Avery text him the other day asking him if he wanted to meet up and he was pacing back and forth before meeting Avery for lunch just two days prior.

"Whatever you say H."

"Bye." He called out one more time then left the house.

The drive was short, her parents lived less then 10 minutes from his house.



The door opened and Adam was on the other side.

"Harry right?"

"Yeah, nice to meet you. Congrats on the engagment."

Avery walked towards him wearing nothing but shorts and a tank top.

"Ready to go."

She took ahold of his outstretched hand and led her to the car.



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