fourteen - michael explains

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'hey michael' a soft voice spoke from behind him. michael didnt have to turn around to know it was him. calum.

'um, hi' michael replied quietly. he didnt have enough energy to reply properly. they were in the park now both on the swings. michael had barely been sleeping two hours a night recently and really didnt have the power nor want to speak to calum at this moment in time. calum tried to touch his arm but michael jerked his arm away, mostly in fear. what if it hurt? what if he lifted the sleeve by accident and saw all his scars? michael didnt want calum to know about those..

'michael,' calum sighed, 'whats wrong?' he continued to say in a caring sort of tone.

'im not sure, everything is j-just going wrong' michael whimpered and turned away from the dark haired boy

'like your hair?' calum tried to make a joke, but it didnt really work, michael shrugged. 'sorry,'

'no, not my hair. my l-life' and that is what broke him. michael explained everything to calum, how he feels about his mum, about amy, he also accidentaly told him about lukes homosexuality too. at he was crying by the end.

'm-michael, its okay'

'no, no its not calum, you dont understand okay'

'well let me try to' calum put his hands on either side of michaels face so they were looking in eachothers eyes.

'no, no calum. i cant afford to let you back in, you'll just leave me again.' and with that he stood up off the swing and took calums warm, soft hands off his face and walked out of the park, leaving calums faint calls, and back into his dark house, opening the kitchen drawer to get his pills on the way up.

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would you believe me if i said im sorry bc i wouldnt

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