Fifty Shades of Grey One Shot Part 2

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Third person’s POV

Christian walked downstairs to see the dining room vacant; all the dishes had been moved to the kitchen. And he heard laughter coming from the living room so he turned there. As he walked in he could here his mother tell stories, to no doubt Anastasia. Just thinking about the embarrassing stories she was telling made his face go red.

“Mother if you’re telling stories about the one time I danced the Irish Jig at a spring formal…please stop.” He slightly begged his mother.

“Oh please Christian, we’re just havin’ a little story telling. Its not like we got it on camera or anything.” She gushed, patting his arm.

“Oh, I got it all on camera…and let me clue ya Anastasia, this kid had the whole floor to himself. Everyone and I mean everyone had eyes on Chris. It was so hilarious.” Mattie snorted, covering her face from her own embarrassment.

“How could you have possibly got it on camera, you weren’t even there?” Christian inquired, thinking how in God’s Name she would’ve seen that video. He even new there was a video, he’d just never seen it but heard all about it because no one ever shut up about the rest of high school.

“You remember Mr. Jamison? Our biology teacher,” Mattie continued to chortle, but Christian just covered up a blush with is hand, “He was one of the teachers chaperoning there that night, oh it was great, you should’ve seen the look on this girls face he was dancing with when he started busting out moves.”

The look Christian gave his sister could have instantly killed her, hypothetically anyways, “Oh lighten up Chris, and it was one night. Look at the Bright Side you married that very same girl six years later.”

No one spoke when Mattie said this. Even though she said it in a good way, it had still been less than two years since Christian’s wife and mother of Sam had passed away and everyone was still at times still mourning over her.

Luckily before anything drastic could happen, Sam came bounding down the stairs with a pink and black duffle bag full of clothes and important girl essentials she’d need for the night as well as a pink pillow clutched in the other arm.

“I’m ready dad.” She announced to as she came into the living room.

“Alright, you sure got everything?” Her dad asked, changing the subject quickly.

“Yes, now can we go? I checked the movie times and the next show is in an hour and thirty minutes. That gives us enough time to drop off um Ms. Steele off…” She this slowly, Samantha still wasn’t comfortable around her, even though her dad did inform her of Anastasia. Bottom line was she wasn’t necessarily comfortable around any women with her father, with the exception of family of course.

“…And than head over to your place, drop my stuff off, and we’ll still have time to make the previews.” She smiled at her father; she was so excited to be spending time with him, after such a long time.

“What movie are y’all seein’?” Shirley asked, looking up at the two. In a way they both looked just each other, even though Christian always said she looked a lot like her mom than him.

“I really wanted to see that new Jurassic World movie.” Sam said giddily, clapping her hands like a five year old.

“Oh yeah, you’ve been talking about that movie for the past week.” Marcus smiled at his granddaughter. She had been talking about that movie since she saw the commercial on TV one night, and has been none stop watching the first three movies.

“Yeah, can we go see it dad? Please? Please? Please?” Sam begged, folding her hands and giving him the puppy dogface.

“Sure why not, I swear ever since I let you watch those movies as child you always had a liking for them.” Christian snickered; patting her head and she quickly swatted it away, muttering, “Watch the hair, the hair.”

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