Chapter 5

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Wow... I couldnt believe myself. Did I just do something, out of the blue? I mean did I really shout at her in front of the whole cafeteria. For someone who had mastered the act of masking emotions with everyone else but my friends, I sure did a very poor job when it came to her. Even now I couldnt believe my own eyes that I had hurt someone, not to forget the fact, a girl whom I have been interested... after a long time. I placed my palm on the top of my heart and felt it beat wildly against my chest. I really did it, didnt I? I smiled mentally. What is with you, Delphine, that all my manners seem to fly out my mind, the moment I see you. I wanted to ask, so desperately when suddenly a loud screeching voice pulled me out of my day dream.

'I will not ask again, who was it' Mrs. Peterson, head of the disciplinary committee, asked again, I guess. The cafeteria was dead silent as no one uttered a single word. She scrutinized everyone in the cafeteria before her eyes landed on the three of us. She looked from me to Delphine and Zeton and then from Zeton to Delphine and me and finally made her way towards us.

'Why am I not surprised that it is you, Delphine?' She glared at the back of her.

Delphine, who was still facing me, bit her lip with so much force that I was worried it would bleed and then sighed and rubbed her face, which was still red from anger, with her right hand and turned to look at Mrs. Peterson

'Awww....' She squealed and slightly titled her head to one side, keeping an innocent face 'Arent you a genius, Mrs Peterson?' She mocked

The entire cafeteria was snickering loudly. It was suffice to say Mrs. Peterson's face looked like a ripe tomato, out of embarrassment or anger, one could never say. No one in the school really liked her since she ruled the whole school with iron fists. Having transferred from a military school and being a close friend of the Principal did not exactly help the students to stand up to her. But as usual, my crazy girl seemed unfazed about it.

'Detention' She barked out, only one word and started walking off from our table.

'But mam, we were inv....' Zeton called out to her which made her to halt her steps and turn back to face us.

'Jeez... you were not involved that's why she hasnt given you detentions. Will you give it a rest, Zeton' Delphine grumbled saving us from the punishment. I swallowed the lump in my throat. I really felt guilty about the way she acted now, given our fight a few minutes ago. Mrs. Peterson didnt say anything and continued out of the hall.

Once she left, Delphine picked up her lunch tray and started walking towards an empty table. When my friends looked at her, she shrugged and simply answered 'Might as well eat, having paid for it'

Even before she settled herself at the table, she started gulping her food leaving no doubt in anyone's mind that she was famished. God... I felt totally ashamed. I couldnt look at my friends anymore, so I just got up, dumped my food in the waste basket and strolled out. Before stepping out, I made the grave mistake of looking at Coyne who was so calm eating his food but one look at his eyes would tell you a complete different story.

I avoided my friends and pretty much everyone after lunch. Not that my friends would hate me now, but I really couldnt bring myself to look or to speak with them, especially Zeton. Everyone in our group pretty much knew how close Zeton was with Delphine and heavens... even she liked him enough to tolerate us and now... I pretty much spoiled everything that Zeton had built, for my own selfishness. I mean I could have atleast given her a chance to explain herself, its the least I could have done for Zeton's sake. Now, my biggest regret is that I made Zeton unhappy, myself.

I had been always protective of Zeton, eventhough he was a great guy he found it extremely difficult in making new friends with his uncomfortableness with strangers. In the beginning, whenever he tried to befriend someone, having been new to this school, his stammers got the best of him and people avoided him and never really took time to know him well beyond that, until... we came into the picture and became his best friends. After that he pretty much never tried to befriend anyone although he got over his shyness and even became the President of the Debate club, something that made me really proud about my friend. But all this was, before Delphine came into the equation and for some reason Zeton seems to have taken an interest in her to actually hold a strong friendship. I would never be able to forgive myself if Delphine avoided Zeton due to my stupidity.

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