Myla's Pov-

I walk to the lunch room by myself. The loud chatter of the other kids at the orphanage bothers me as I walk pass the tables, that they sit at. The staff that supervise the lunches, are suppose to make sure kids keep quiet, but all they do is walk around, and make sure that no one gets into a fight or starts one.

I sit down at one of the old wooden tables that the orphanage uses as, tables for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I hate them.

"Hey Myla, did you hear about the guest coming later today?" My 'friend' Maddie, says with excitement.

I look at the happy girl. I wish I can be as happy as her. Maddie is always happy, she always has something to smile about. I find that annoying.I know I should smile but I don't. My blank face makes me feel more happy. More comfortable.

I shake my head and softly say, "No, I haven't."I don't even have to ask Maddie for any more information, because she, like Michelle, another 'friend' of mine, has a motor mouth and can't keep it shut. I don't want her to give me more information about who is coming here to adopt a child. I don't care about anyone who comes in this place hoping to adopt, because then it makes me want to get my hopes up, and think that they will adopt me, but they don't. They never do. So over time, I have trained myself not to care, so my hopes about getting out of this hell won't come crashing down.

"Her name is Julie, I think. I heard from Bow Tie Guy that she's famous!" Maddie shared with me, her face growing with excitement every time she spoke a word.Bow Tie Guy is a man who is apart of the staff here. His name is Kurt Bolan. He often wears bow ties, so the girls here call him Bow Tie Guy. I called him Kurt Bolan, until he told me that it's okay for me to just call him Kurt.

I looked down at the table. Famous? Why the hell would someone FAMOUS come here? Oh yeah I know ... We're just a petty stop for them. Or we are just an excuse for them to say, 'I love kids and helping them out!'

"Great," I said bluntly.Most people want to adopt the younger kids. Like the toddlers. Or the annoying five year old's. The older you get the least likely of a chance that you will get adopted. No one wants to have a kid for a month and then have them become a legal adult.

"Myla Roberts, please report to the meeting room. Myla Roberts, please report to the meeting room. Myla Roberts," A voice blasted through the inner com.

Why do they need to say my name like sixty times? I heard you the first time.When they say this it's like a public humiliation. Oh, look who is going to blow their chance at finding a family!

"OH MY GAWD! Myla that's you! Oh my gosh!!" Maddie squealed.I hate Maddie.

"I know."

Why do they want me to report to the meeting room? The meeting room is where the kids at this hell hole can meet their 'parents.'

Hopefully it will just turn out to be a communication error. No one wants to adopt me. Well, no one that has a right mind.

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