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After the incident in Biology, class went back to normal, or whatever it was before. I didn't have any classes with Eren til after lunch and I'd only have him for English Literature. My classes without Eren were boring as hell.

When the lunch bell rang, I went to my locker hopeful in seeing Eren. Unfortunately, I did.

As I neared my locker, I saw Eren coming down the hall, and he wasn't alone. A tan, dark haired boy-though he could hardly be called a boy with his height- walked beside him, holding his hand. I noticed a difference in Eren. He didn't walk with his head down and smiled more. He said something to the tall boy that resulted in him releasing his hold on Eren's hand to wrap his arm on Eren's shoulder and lean down to kiss his cheek.

Eren seemed to giggle and said something else glancing at people in the hall. I guessed he was embarrassed of showing such affections in public. The tall brunette though laughed and kissed him full on the mouth.

An uneasy feeling coiled in my stomach. Why should it bother me that Eren had a boyfriend? I just met him today, all I wanted was to be friends. Then again I hardly ever take such a liking to, well, basically anyone. Maybe the question should be why am I surprised Eren has a boyfriend? He's shy, but definitely attractive. Maybe it was because of his timidness I expected him to be antisocial and shy away from people who would approach him romantically. Or perhaps it was because I couldn't see what Eren-sweet, shy, considerant Eren-saw in this giant brute.

When Eren saw me, he grinned. "Hey Levi."

"Hello Eren," I greeted, then turned to his boyfriend with a stone expression. He smiled weakly, then turned his attention back to Eren. As much as I hated to admit it, and I really hated to admit it, it was obvious this guy really liked Eren.

"Oh Levi, this is Bertolt. Bertolt, Levi," Eren introduced us.

"Hi," Bertolt greeted in a gruff voice. I just blinked at him, uninterested. "Um, nice to meet you Levi."

"Likewise," I said though I crossed my arms like I do when I want to threaten someone.

"So Levi, since you're new, I was wondering if you wanted to come eat lunch with me and my friends."

If Eren had asked me to join him and Bertolt, I obviously would've lied my way easily out of it, but he said 'friends' meaning I wouldn't end up as the third wheel.

"I'd like that very much, thanks," I said kindly, speaking only to Eren.

"Cool." Eren seemed pleased I had agreed. Bertolt seemed to notice and lowered his hold on Eren's shoulder to his waist, and said,"We should get going, the guys'll be waiting."

As we walked towards the cafeteria, I followed on Eren's left side, while Bertolt stayed glued to his right. He practically strattled him with just one arm.


"Levi, these are our friends Armin, Mikasa, Sasha, Reiner, Connie, Marco, and Jean."

Eren pointed out each individual by name. It was such a big group, they had to push two tables together to make enough room for all of them to fit. Thankfully I was seated beside Eren 1) being he's the only person I know here, and 2) being it was farthest away from the one called Sasha who, despite the fact she inhaled her food like a vacuum, was a rather messy eater.

"Guys, this is Levi Rivaille. He's new to our school, and basically to the country. He's from France," Eren explained to his friends, then looked towards me to smile in encouragement when they all stared at me (Again with the staring, ughh!). I cleared my throat and said, "It's nice to meet you all." I wasn't sure yet if I approved of them or not.

The first to speak was Marco, who was practically sitting in Jean's lap. "It's nice to meet you Levi. Any friend of Eren's is a friend of ours," he chimed in a very friendly, welcome tone. 'The hell is it with Freckled Jesus, does he always sound that giddy and smile all the time? I swear, where's his fucking halo?'

Jean looked at me with a raised eyebrow and a smirk. "So, you're French? Well, I guess that explains the height. I guess Frenchmen really are midgets then."

I glared at him, but it was Eren who spoke.

"Shut it Jean." He turned to me then.

"Sorry about that, he's not really my friend, I just tolerate him because he's dating Marco."

'Well that explains why Eren would hang out with such an asshole. Wait a minute, since Eren didn't even like him....'

I look back at Jean. "I'm not short, maybe you're just too fucking tall. Like a horse. Hmm, you kinda look like one too."

Everyone was stunned, but the look on Jean's face was amusing. Eren, Bertolt, Connie, Sasha, and Reiner snickered at my comeback.

"Told you so," Eren said to Jean between fits of laughter.

"Shut it Jaeger," Jean remarked.

"Whatever Horseface!"

Connie pitched in, "Even the new kid knows it!" Then he continued laughing, leaning into Sasha who laughed with her mouth open, crumbs falling out. Eww.

The rest of lunch went pretty alright. They asked what part of France I was from, in which I went into a brief description of my hometown, mostly for Eren who looked at me with his wide eyes full of interest and curiosity. After very few questions, they stopped interrogating me seeming to sense I wasn't a talkative type. They were a loud bunch of kids, but a nice loud bunch of kids. When I first sat down, I noticed how everyone just got along, how comfortable they were. Even Eren seemed different with them. He smiled and joked more. Yet now that things had quieted down, he quieted down too. He just sat there with a faraway look in his eyes, his expression blank. Not sad, just...blank, as if he were lost in his thoughts.

I snapped my fingers in front of his face when he'd stayed like this for about two minutes. He came out of it.

"Hey, you're spacing out."

He blinked afew times. "S-sorry."

"You don't need to apologise."

Bertolt finally took notice. His expression turned concerned. "You okay Eren?"

Eren smiled at him like he was the most wonderful person in the world. 'Ugh, give me something to strangle myself with.' (AN: We all know those couples -_-)

"Yeah, I'm fine, just, deep thinking is all."

Bertolt let it go easily, smiling more comfortably, snuggling Eren closer to him.

After that, throughout the last of our lunch period, I studied Eren closely. Something was still bothering him. Was I honestly the only person who noticed this? 'Maybe it has something to do with the fact you haven't taken your eyes off him since you first saw him,' a voice in my head mocked. I was angry at this thought because it was possibly true. Sure, Eren was cute...fine, more than cute. He was beautiful, both physically and personality wise. Bertolt saw this too and obviously liked what he saw. But did he honestly care for Eren? He didn't seem like a 'Do them and dump them' type but I could be wrong. Wait, has he touched Eren that way yet? Have they done the deed? I shook the thoughts out of my head fearful of the answer.

After lunch, I headed to Advanced France, not that I needed to take it since it was my first language, but I was spending it as a TA (Teacher's Assistant), though I could probably teach the class better considering the amature they let teach. As I headed into English Literature, I felt my mood brighten when I spotted Eren.... then the brightness dimmed when I saw Bertolt.

'Of course.'

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