Cloudy With A Chance Of Moody Fox

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(Your POV)

Kurama and I sat on the car, watching Tomoe pace back and forth.
"What are out doing out? that mark on your forehead is like a beacon to Yokai trying to become Gods!"
"Stop being such a worry wort! Geez!" I pouted, crossing my arms.
"And what is this get up?" Tomoe said, scowling, plucking one of the feathers from my wings.
"It's a costume... for the music video." I said, rather smugly.
"Tch, that's it, we're going home." 
He grabbed my wrist and dragged me off the car.
"Hey! Wait, Not fair!" I protested, digging my heels into the ground.
"Tomoe! I'm not yet finished with her!" Called Kurama angrily.
Tomoe turned menacingly. 
"Ignorant Crow Tengu! She needs to get home, I'm done with you."
And with that he dragged me away.


I sat in front of the shiny TV in my room at the shrine.
I flopped backwards and pointed at the TV.
"Awwww." I moaned.
"Look! That's the music video I half stared in!"
Tomoe poked my head with his broom.
"Sit up, this room is horribly dusty, I don't know how you got it this way."
I frowned, sat up and shrugged. 
"Beats me. Hey, it looks like it's going to rain." I said suddenly, the dark clouds suddenly catching my eye.
Tomoe looked as well, his grumpy look replaced by wonder.
"The weather man said it'd be sunny"
"That's not normal... could it be" Muttered Tomoe.
I looked up.
"What was that?"
Tomoe looked sharply down at me. "Never you mind, it as nothing."
"Yes it was!"
"Was not, now quit bothering me!" He growled.
"Tell. Me." I said narrowing my eyes.
His eyes suddenly went huge and he bolted out the door.

"Hmmf! Fine! Don't tell me."
Mean Fox. He's always so distant and grouchy!

"Don't worry Lady (Y/n), Tomoe is just getting used to a new master." Onikiri said.
I nodded, sighing.
"I'll never be like Nanami."

Authors note: GAHHHHH I'm so tired
I'll continue this chapter tomorrow.
I'm so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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